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Asbestos Essentials

As we all know the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provides a wealth of information to support those involved in health and safety, this includes a repository of useful links and guidance to support you. We would like to share a particular resource as we feel it has great value to those having to deal with the removal of asbestos. If you visit Asbestos Essentials it will take you to a repository of information like task sheets, methods and guidance to help you manage the asbestos work effectively.
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Asbestos Court Case Delivers Heavy Fine

Once again, contractors have ended up with a heavy fine after being prosecuted under the CAR12 (Asbestos) Regulations. In the court case two contractors were found guilty of not suitably managing the removal of some ceiling tiles at a school in Derby, they were fined over £100,000 plus ordered to pay a further £9,559 in costs. Asbestos is still being found in many of our refurbishment projects in older buildings as it was a cheap solution in the past. Yet still contractors are failing...
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Happy New Year 2019 - Lets Make It A Safe One

Sadly, we are still seeing many reports of non-compliance with the CDM regulations and many prosecutions have happened. Although this may not change immediately, in the longer term one would like to hope that the implementation of the CDM and Asbestos regulations leads to better and safer work places. The team at Ai Solutions continues to work hard to provide better compliance products to help those within the construction and Health and Safety arenas. We now have a set of products that can help...
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Recommendation for Tighter Asbestos Controls

There is a new white paper available from Lucion Services written by Charles Pickles MSc, BSc, CPP (Asbestos).  As we all know there is the 'duty to manage asbestos', this is the law. But how far have we come and, more importantly, how big is the current danger? Asbestos was used in construction as it was, before we knew any better, the new wonder material that allowed us to build fire-proofing into our buildings and in other construction assets.  It was particularly common during the...
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Environmental Protection Agency and Asbestos in the USA

It has made the news recently that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in United States of America are proposing a new framework to manage new uses for toxic chemicals in manufacturing. Whilst the EPA clarified it's position with a press release stating "the press reports on this issue are inaccurate. Without the proposed Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) EPA would not have a regulatory basis to restrict manufacturing and processing for the new asbestos uses covered by the rule. The EPA action...
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Asbestos Guidance from HSE

We had a recent enquiry regarding Asbestos Management and thought it may be useful to others to remind you of the things you need to be aware of when working with Asbestos. As we know, in Great Britain, we have a lot of older buildings that in the past were built using asbestos containing materials (ACM's). Some of these ACM's are perfectly safe as long as you do not disturb them. What do we mean by 'disturb'? When you do refurbishment work in a building or perhaps you wish to demolish it....
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Knowledge-base - A Useful Tool for Compliance

At Ai Solutions we have spent many years in building our CDM knowledge-base and Asbestos knowledge-base. Originally they were only delivered as part of our CDM and Asbestos software packages. Many of you know that these packages are specifically aimed at those who need to comply with the CDM and Asbestos management regulations. However, the feedback we have received from customers is that they have found the knowledge-base very useful as an information/compliance tool which is great news. Over time...
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Asbestos Compliance Made Easy

As many of our readers know we are software developers of health and safety products. One of our leading packages allows our customers to manage their Asbestos Compliance issues easily and simply. The Asbestos ToolKit CS software facilitates a completely audited system that provides you with peace of mind when managing your asbestos portfolio. When you have a large property base it can be difficult to keep track of surveys, ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) and monitoring tasks. However with...
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Living in the Shadow of Asbestos

For those of you affected by asbestos there is help out there. You could even be entitled to financial support. Asbestos is one of the biggest workplace killers in the UK and causes more deaths a year than road traffic accidents. For many tradesmen, manual workers and engineers, asbestos exposure in the workplace will have been inevitable during the last sixty years due to its widespread use. Have you been exposed? Those who have worked as laggers, electricians, dockworkers, joiners, plumbers (to...
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Asbestos Safety Compliance

For most landlords and larger organisations trying to ensure you are complying with the law regarding Asbestos can be fraught with anxiety. Likewise, contractors carrying out work, particularly on older buildings, have to ensure the safety of those working on any constriction site. The Asbestos regulations, often referred to as the CAR12 regulations, are quite specific in the 'Duty to Manage'. However duty to manage does not mean removing all asbestos. The act of disturbing and removing asbestos...
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HSG248 Analysts Guide

The HSE has produced another helpful guide, HSG248, which is an Analyst's Guide for sampling analysis and clearance procedures. We particularly liked the section on sampling and analysis of materials as it reminds us about the use of safe systems of work, after all, even though this is part of the analyst's day to day work we must remember that taking samples can also be hazardous! We also liked the bulk sampling strategy where the sample must truly represent the location (and material sample) from...
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FREE Application Development Forum - 8th November 2017

Ai Solutions will be running their free Application Development Forum (ADF) on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at our offices in Leighton Buzzard, 9:30-1pm. This is a very special event where we tell our customers about our future development plans. We have new products that are about to go 'live' and we want our customers to be the first to see them! This event is also an opportunity for our customers to tell us what they need out of the systems we produce, this is because their input is very...
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September 2017 ToolKit CS User Workshop

Ai Solutions held their ToolKit CS user workshop on Wednesday this week. These special events are aimed at providing our customer base with the opportunity to get the best out of their ToolKit CS systems. This type of face to face gathering allows our ToolKit CS users to find out what is new in the product and the attendees also 'had a go' on the system to try out the new features. Additionally we provided some 'top tips' to help them better manage their systems as well as presenting ideas to them...
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Asbestos Found In Welsh School

An investigation has begun in a school in Wales where construction work was carried out.  It is thought that some ceiling tiles were disturbed during some initial construction work. When new work was subsequently planned it was noted that some asbestos insulating ceiling tiles in the kitchen area of the school had already been disturbed. This lead to the employment of a licenced contractor, who could remove the asbestos safely, being employed by the council. The licenced contractor then notified...
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Compliance for Asbestos Management

We get a lot of queries from people and organisations about 'how' they should be managing their asbestos and what should they be doing to ensure that they are compliant with the CAR12 regulations. At Ai Solutions we pride ourselves in supporting our customers and we have produced the ToolKit CS Asbestos Compliance System to aid those who need help. In order to comply you need to make sure your building assets have had appropriate surveys carried out. The results from those surveys (including, ACM...
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Hospital Asbestos 'a ticking time bomb'

Interesting article from the BBC in regard to asbestos in hospitals. It states that 94% of hospitals in London contain asbestos, what does this mean for the rest of the country? Doctor Peter Szlosarek, consultant oncologist at Barts Hospital, who is studying mesothelioma, has highlighted the following facts:- About 2,600 people die each year in the UK from the condition which affects the lungs Symptoms include breathlessness, cough, chest pain, night sweats and in rare cases damage to the spinal...
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Local Schools Closed Due to Asbestos

Close to home we have read that two schools in Shefford have been closed due to Asbestos contamination. Nearby demolition work has caused issues regarding the safety of the environment. There were unconfirmed risks concerning the safety of the site, this is due to the boiler room being partly demolished.  Pupils were sent home as a safety measure. What it doesn't say is if a pre-demolition survey was carried out. . . . . If you are a building custodian, a client or a landlord Ai Solutions...
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Asbestos Surveying Made Easy

Calling all Surveyors! How long do you think it actually takes you to carry out your survey? This needs to also include creation of the Asbestos Survey Report, adding in any ACM details, photos, asbestos registers, MAS, RAS, PAS, etc.? Well could we estimate a minimum of at least 5-10 days? The time it takes to actually carry out the physical survey can pale into comparison when you have to then go back to the office and have to create the report for your client. But then again, you are a business...
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FREE Application Development Forum - 8th November 2017

Ai Solutions are pleased to announce that the long awaited, next Application Development Forum (ADF) is scheduled for Wednesday 8th November 2017 at our offices in Leighton Buzzard, 9:30-1pm. This is a very special event where we tell our customers about our future development plans. We have new products that are about to go 'live' and we want our customers to be the first to see them! This event is also an opportunity for our customers to tell us what they need out of the systems we produce,...
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FREE Customer Workshop - 20th September 2017

Once again Ai Solutions are offering a free workshop for our ToolKit CS customers and users on Wednesday 20th September 2017, 9:30-1pm at our offices in Leighton Buzzard. As usual this type of event is specifically designed to support and help our customers. We have always had excellent feedback from these types of event in the past and look forward to meeting our end users. For this workshop we will be focusing on showing our new development of Toolkit CS and giving end users the opportunity to...
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Election 2017 - What Changes in Health and Safety?

With the election looming, all the major parties have produced their manifestos. These manifestos all include health and safety, so what can we look forward to after the elections in regard to health, safety and employment? Labour Party Pledged to work with the Health and Safety Executive Committee to introduce mandatory workplace risk assessments for pregnant workers and review the support offered to women in work who have suffered miscarriage. Say they will "crack down on unscrupulous...
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Reckless Asbestos Failure / CDM regulations fine

The SHP has reported that 40 workers were put at risk by being exposed to Asbestos. A hearing was carried out at Canterbury Crown Court and a fine of £750,000 was ordered plus payment of costs totalling £14,874.68. "The company's failings in this case has put many workers at risk to the exposure of asbestos", commented HSE inspector Melvyn Stancliffe. "It was clear there was an endemic failure to effectively manage the construction work on the site in a way which ensured that asbestos...
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Essential Advice for Working with Asbestos in Construction

Asbestos can be found in any building built before the year 2000 (houses, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc.) and causes around 5,000 deaths every year.  Therefore if you are working on minor jobs your workers may well be in danger. It is called the silent killer for a reason. Hidden in dust and breathed in it can take many years for it to finally take its toll. The HSE has a lot of information regarding working with Asbestos. Today we would like to remind you about how to safely carry...
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Asbestos Awareness / Training

If you are planning to undertake construction or if you are a landlord you need to be aware of the CAR12 regulations. You have specific duties that you must adhere to under the law. For those of you that are interested, one our partners is offering Asbestos training. If you would like more information about the courses on offer please contact Steve at Doctus Training by emailing We are happy to announce that Steve will be speaking at the Ai Solutions Health and Safety Conference...
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New Guidance on Working with Asbestos in Soil and C & D Materials

Industry body, CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments) has recently published the JIWG (Joint Industry Working Group) guidance titled Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012: Interpretation for Managing and Working with Asbestos in Soil and Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials or CAR-SOIL™ for short. CAR-SOIL™ is described as "the authoritative document interpreting the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 ... as applied to working with ground materials...
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The Pitfalls of Asbestos

Despite many Asbestos Management campaigns by the HSE, and the high profile it has within the construction industry, we are still seeing some very high fines in regard to Asbestos. Whether it is refurbishment or demolition the client has a duty to manage. Where duty holders are falling fowl is in the production of up to date asbestos surveys so that construction can be carried out safely by contractors and their workers. Some of the fines are pretty hefty, and rightly so, we all know the effects...
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HSE "Beware Asbestos" Campaign

HSE have been running a campaign about asbestos safety - "Beware Asbestos" - argeted at tradespeople and have asked for your feedback. HSE would be grateful if you could spare no more than 15 minutes to complete a simple on-line survey. The survey is designed for any tradespeople who will have seen either the campaign leaflet or reference cards, whether by hard copy or digital copy e.g. online or via a link in an email or article. Your feedback will help HSE understand how effective the campaign...
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Introducing ToolKit CS Lite for Asbestos Management!

  For system requirements and other useful information click here.
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Newsletter - March 2015 - CDM 2015 Countdown, Asbestos ToolKit Lite

The March 2015 edition of the Ai Solutions Newsletter is now available. CDM 2015 - The Countdown Has Begun... The CDM 2015 countdown has officially started here at Ai Solutions. There is a sense of excitement and a flurry of activity - all to get ourselves ready for the big change. Are you ready?... Asbestos ToolKit Lite To expand our portfolio of products for you to choose from we have introduced ToolKit CS™ Lite for Asbestos Management... Read on about CDM 2015 and Asbestos ToolKit Lite...
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UCATT survey exposes Asbestos failings in industry

A recent online survey conducted by the construction workers union, UCATT, has shown that there are significant failings by employers to ensure that employees are not exposed to Asbestos. The survey of over 750 UCATT members showed that: 60% of respondents reported that by they may be exposed to asbestos due to the nature of their work. When exposed to asbestos, 63% believed it was a major health and safety concern. Where asbestos was a potential issue in the workplace - a staggering 36% of...
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Geolocation and Project Management - Q and A -ToolKit CS

What is Geolocation (otherwise known as "Mapping")? It is the location of something using digital technology, usually on a map - like interface (Alex Fention, University of Salford). How can this technology help with my CDM and Asbestos Projects? it can help you and your team visualise sites, properties and structures it can map out your projects it can play a significant role in effective project and time management (it can even help you find parking!) it can be used "on the go" using a...
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The History of Asbestos

Click here for full documentary...see below for an excerpt.
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The House that Jack Built!

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Good Resource Alert!

Joseph Gillian (an Asbestos Management Consultant) has started taking pictures of asbestos during recent surveys (in some schools). He plans to carry on taking even more interesting photos on his travels around the UK. These pictures will prove to be a great resource for many educators and interested parties alike. "There are no copyright issues, so feel free to use the pics as you see fit. It'd be nice if I was credited for any pics used, but this is not mandatory. Get in touch if you wish to discuss...
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Schools and Asbestos - Unsure what to do next?

In the news it has been revealed that almost half of schools in one particular northern city contain asbestos. Presumably the city council in question has an Asbestos Management Plan and easily accessible Asbestos Register in place and so was able to provide the details for this FOI request very easily. A little bit of background... Asbestos was used extensively in the UK in the 1950's until the mid 1980's for a variety of puposes, but prodominately for fireproofing and insulation. Any building...
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The Truth About the Dangers of Asbestos

I've written about asbestos before, including cases where companies have ended up in court through negligence or ignorance. Recently, another company has been served a huge fine after putting people's lives at risk (Fines imposed for asbestos exposure at former factory in Poole), and so it may be worth revealing a few unpleasant truths about asbestos, and exposing some common myths. It's too easy to go along with commonly held myths. We encounter these on a regular basis within the world of health...
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This is the house that Jack built in 1952....

This is the story about Jack and his house, which needed a refurb. Watch the story unfold by watching one of our first animations ...  
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2014: Change in Regulations, Behaviour, Culture

Having recently visited the IIRSM Conference in Birmingham we were very pleased with the conference as a whole but particularly interested in the update from Judith Hackitt, the Chair of the HSE. Judith stated that much about the implementation of the regulations is misrepresentation and as health and safety professionals we are all guilty of adding fuel to the flames. What the HSE does is good, it provides an essential job. Real health and safety it about the important parts of the work, the risk...
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QUALSURV - Latest News

QUALSURV Environmental Solutions (QES) has recently gained Certification of ISO/IEC 17025, enabling them to carry out air monitoring and 4 stage clearance. They have also recently moved into new premises enabling them to comfortably expand. Please click here to see the full [PDF] article
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Occupational Health and Safety - Past, Present and Future

Occupational Health and Safety is a recent development. Labour movements in the wake of the industrial revolution lead to workers being able to freely express their views and concerns about safe and healthy working practices. The first piece of legislation that created the first Health and Safety Inspectors (or then known as Factory Inspectors) was the Factories Act 1833. This initially focussed on children and had considerable power to change children's working environments. By 1871, the inspectors'...
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Subbies use domestic vacuum to clean up asbestos

Grant Prior reports on how a North East glass firm has been fined after potentially exposing nearly 200 workers and visitors to dangerous asbestos fibres at its Consett premises. They used a domestic vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust and debris and later used it in several parts of the building as they put up the sensors, spreading asbestos fibres around the premises. Click here to read full article
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Asbestos In Schools

Professer Julian Peto (DSc FMedSci, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) recently submitted evidence to The Commons Select Committee - Education (25th March 2013) as part of the discussion regarding the mesothelioma risk (caused by asbestos) that still remains in many schools. The evidence is based on men and women (including some teachers) who have had some asbestos exposure. See Asbestos in Schools evidence submitted by Prof Julian Peto for more details.
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Hospital faces £350,000 fine over Legionella incidents

The Safety & Heath Practitioner (SHE) reports that a large hospital trust is being fined £350,000 over two Legionella incidents. One of the incidents led to a patient fatality from contracting Legionella's Disease. On 3 September 2013 Chelmsford Crown Court heard that a legionella investigation by the HSE found the Trust had failed to monitor the hot and cold water systems adequately or ensure key parts of the system, such as shower heads and hoses, were kept clean. Legionella, like asbestos,...
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Asbestos Risk Greater For Children

The BBC ran a story recently regarding asbestos in schools and how the evidence, provided by a special committee, showed that our Asbestos risk to children is 'greater over lifetime'. The committee stated that a five-year-old is five times more likely than an adult of 30 to develop mesothelioma, a type of cancer linked to asbestos, if they are exposed to it at the same time. This is because a child will normally live longer and have more time for the disease to develop, it says. Most schools have...
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Asbestos - Children at greater risk

A scientific advisory committee to the Government has concluded that children are more vulnerable to asbestos exposure than adults. The Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (CoC) was asked for advice on the relative vulnerability of children to asbestos to inform discussions of the Department for Education's Asbestos in Schools Steering Group. There are 24,372 schools in England and it is estimated that more than 75 per cent of these schools have...
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The Impact of Environmental Litigation

Let's explore the history of toxic substances in our environment from the time we knew that the toxic substances were harmful and lethal to our health. Let us start with asbestos -- the most litigated of the hazardous, toxic materials. The Greeks, the earliest users of asbestos 3,000 years ago, considered the value of asbestos almost equal to the value of gold. Chrysotile, the most commonly used asbestos, comes from the Greek word of gold, chysos, and fiber, tilos. The Greeks and the Romans recorded...
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Government Mesothelioma Compensation Scheme

In the news recently, campaigners have expressed fears that thousands could miss out under a new compensation scheme for those with the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of internal organs, notably the lungs, and almost always arises from exposure to asbestos. Asbestos has been used in the past within construction and is within many of our schools and older buildings. For more on this article see Asbestos compensation scheme criticised by campaigners on...
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Asbestos Management Help

Asbestos is the UK's biggest workplace killer. The three main types of asbestos - blue, brown and white asbestos - can still be found in the workplace. There is no safe level of exposure and all types are dangerous. Around 4,000 people die each year from mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer - 11 people for every day of the year. This is greater than the number of road accident deaths. Before the death rate declines, up to a quarter of a million people in Britain may have died from asbestos...
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Firms fined for asbestos exposure risk at scrap yard and naval training base

The HSE has published details of a recent case regarding asbestos. A number of workers and Royal Navy personnel were exposed to asbestos after pipes lined with the dangerous material were left on a roadside before being put in an open skip and transferred to a salvage yard, a court has heard. The pipes, lined with asbestos insulation, were removed from HMS Sultan naval training base in Gosport in September 2009 as part of works to replace a hot water system. The subsequent HSE investigation identified...
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Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics

The HSE has published a fact sheet on Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics. The fact sheet provides updated mesothelioma mortality statistics by last recorded occupation of the deceased within Great Britain from 2002-2010. Mesothelioma is directly linked to those works that were exposed to Asbestos fibres while at work and it remains one of the biggest killers. If you want to make sure your workers are safe them you need to be managing your asbestos; at Ai Solutions we can assist you in this process...
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Asbestos in Schools - Manage the Risk

The GMB union, who represent school support staff, welcomed the call for evidence by the House of Commons Education Select Committee on the issues around asbestos in Schools. Robin Nower, Director of Derisk UK - Asbestos Risk Management, discusses the issues surrounding the management of asbestos in schools in the UK. In this day and age and with the higher media profile of how bad asbestos can be, we need to be managing the risk more effectively. At Ai Solutions we can help you manage that risk...
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New Government Initiative in Clydesbank

Apprentice tradespeople across Clydebank are set to benefit from a new e-learning package to help them better understand the risks from asbestos. Those who train apprentices are being offered the opportunity to find out how they can use the interactive resource at a free event at Clydebank College, Queens Quay Campus, Clydebank on Wednesday, 6 March, 1-4.30pm. The event has been organised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in partnership with Clydebank College, the Federation of Master Builders...
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Builder fined for illegally removing asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has prosecuted a Birmingham builder after he illegally removed and broke up asbestos panels from a home in Castle Bromwich. HSE inspectors visited a house on Rover Drive on 19 July 2012, following a call from a Solihull Council environmental health officer about possible unlicensed asbestos removal work. The subsequent HSE investigation found that, during works, the builder had been wearing only a dust mask for protection as he removed a number of Asbestos...
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Health & Safety Community Forums

Once again we have been listening to our customers and are proud to announce that we have published our latest addition onto our web site - the Health and Safety Community Forums. This FREE new service allows our customers and followers to have the support of experts to address those questions or issues you come across during your CDM or Asbestos related activities. All you need to do is enter one of the forums, Asbestos or CDM, and add in your query and one of our experts will advise you. To enter...
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Managing My Asbestos

For those among you who would like more information about managing the asbestos in your own building(s) the HSE has published a web site detailing 'how' you should do this. The web site is a step by step guide to all the duties regarding best management of asbestos Additionally Ai Solutions has help and guidance regarding Asbestos and the CAR12 regulations on our web site; this includes an extensive knowledge base that has been written by experts in the field. Come and visit...
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Hospital trust failed in their Asbestos Management duties

The HSE has recently issued a press release regarding a hospital trust failing in their duties in regard to asbestos management. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust had an asbestos survey that clearly showed there was asbestos in the door surrounds but, despite several site meetings between the Trust and the contractors, no information on the location or condition of any asbestos was given to the contractors. For more...
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Swansea Firm Fined for Asbestos Exposure

A Swansea engineering firm and building contractor have been fined for asbestos exposure. Workers were exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres following a catalogue of errors by an engineering company and a building firm during a demolition and refurbishment project in Swansea. The engineering firm had two asbestos management surveys for the site, which, although later deemed to be inadequate, identified the presence of asbestos material and highlighted other areas, such as the ceiling voids, which...
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Swansea Contractor Orders Workers to Tie Plastic Bags Around Exposed Asbestos

The HSE are prosecuting a Swansea engineering firm and contractor after recent investigations revealed several breeches, one included the failure to appoint a competent CDM-C. It was also noted that during the demolition works an asbestos insulation board (AIB) covering a steel column was damaged, and a Wall Colmonoy employee was told to tape plastic bags around it. Work continued in the building for several months with the AIB debris left lying on the floor until an unannounced visit was carried...
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£15k Fine for Asbestos Fibres found in Nursery School

Staffordshire County Council has been handed a court bill of £15,000 after admitting liability when dangerous asbestos fibres were released into the nursery of a primary school in Cheslyn Hay. Work was being carried out at the school when some board was misidentified and put into a skip. The contractor involved was also fined however they stated that 'only a small amount of fibres were released'. For more on this story please visit Ai Solutions can help you manage your...
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Asbestos: Guidance for Non-Licensed Work

For those concerned about working on sites where there may be Asbestos; the HSE has provided excellent guidance to assist your decision making process regarding to non-licensed work; follow this link for further information If you require further assistance regarding your Asbestos portfolio then please call Ai Solutions in the first instance on 01525 850080. We have a wealth of experience to offer you as well as software to help manage your ACM registers.
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Illegal Asbestos Removal

Once again the HSE is fining an organisation in regard to illegal asbestos removal. A demolition firm has been prosecuted after exposing its own workers to dangerous asbestos fibres and illegally removing asbestos waste from a property in Gloucester. The firm undertook an asbestos survey before demolishing the building showing it contained a quantity of Asbestos Insulating Board. The company did not hold the necessary licence to carry out the asbestos removal and failed to take adequate steps to...
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Sandy Leaves Asbestos Danger In Its Wake

It looks like the super-storm 'Sandy' that hit America recently has increased the threat of Asbestos exposure. Asbestos and Mesothelioma News stated that asbestos was used so liberally in the construction of America in the 20th century that an event such as 'Sandy' brings dangers in the debris. When it is encapsulated asbestos poses little danger. However, when disturbed and disrupted - which happens during this kind of disaster - it becomes airborne and potentially lethal. For more on this article...
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Staffordshire School, Dangerous Asbestos Fibres

We are still seeing major issues around the management of asbestos. Recently Staffordshire County Council has had to admit liability when dangerous asbestos fibres were released in one of their schools. The result is a hefty fine after they admitted failing to ensure persons not in its employment were not exposed to risks. Unfortunately cases such as these are still fairly common and yet they can be easily avoided by having an Asbestos Management System in place. Ai Solutions can provide this for...
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Asbestos 'Dumped' in County Cork

One of our readers has highlighted a very interesting story in the Irish Independent regarding am illegal dump of asbestos. With nobody obviously admitting responsibility  it could cost the authorities more than 1.5million euros to clean up. For more on this story read State faces €1.5m asbestos dump bill
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Asbestos Prosecutions in Bolton

Once again the HSE has come down hard on those not adhering to the Asbestos regulations. Two companies have been prosecuted after workers were exposed to potentially deadly asbestos fibres at a mill in Bolton. It is sad to hear that even with all the press and coverage situations like these are still occurring. For more on this story visit Firms prosecuted over asbestos danger at Bolton mill
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Asbestos - Fraudsters Collude To Trick Independent School

An interesting story on the HSE web site; Two men colluded with each other to commit fraud by falsifying a record stating that a school in Abingdon had been properly cleaned of asbestos. So why would they do such a thing? Well apparently excuses like 'last day at the company' and 'it was a Sunday' came out at the inquest along with the temptation of finishing work early. A very unusual case, but at what cost to those using the building? For more on this story visit Fraudsters collude to trick...
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Elimination Of Asbestos-Related Diseases

For those of you who would like to know more about Asbestos the World Health Organization has a lot of useful information about asbestos related diseases. At Ai Solutions we support the elimination of asbestos within construction. However we are a long way from achieving that due to the amount that has already been used. Asbestos based products are banned from new construction but refurbishment of buildings means our contractors come across it all the time. If you have an old building the chances...
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Safety failings led to asbestos exposure at Dorset school

A school in Dorset has recently been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the unsafe removal of asbestos insulation boards which lead to several people being exposed to asbestos fibres. Sherborne School and Peter Eldridge, the director of a company responsible for the refurbishment project, have been fined after an investigation found they had failed to identify and prevent the risk of asbestos exposure at the school. For more on this story visit HSE Media Centre
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£60k Payout to Family of Asbestos Victim

The Swindon Advertiser reports that British Rail has paid £60,000 in compensation to the family of a former Swindon railway worker who died from asbestos related cancer. The victim Philip Smith, worked for British Rail for 26 years at its Swindon works and for much of that period was continuously exposed to asbestos. He died in November 2010. Recently the same newspaper ran a special report into the illness, dubbed the "Swindon Disease" because the building material was so prevalent at the...
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Ban Asbestos Globally

The National Asbestos Helpline (NAH), which represents the victims and their families of asbestos-related disease, is adding its support to the growing number of global organisations calling for a total ban on the use of the material. The NAH, which represents the victims and their families of asbestos-related disease, is adding its support to the growing number of global organisations calling for a total ban on the use of the material. For more on this article "Ban Asbestos Globally" calls the...
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YORconsult Framework

East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Sheffield City Council, who are part of the Yorbuild framework have picked 55 consultants from more than 1,000 who applied for a place on the YORconsult framework. East Riding are customers of Ai Solutions and are long term users of our asbestos management software. Steve Taylor (East Riding of Yorkshire Council) is one of Ai Solutions' Excellent Practitioners; he was put forward for this award because of his work in implementing a system for East Riding to manage...
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Asbestos Regulations - Lack of Awareness?

The Construction Index report that compliance with the new Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012) is not going to be high. Like its predecessor, the new regulations apply to work involving removal, repair or disturbance of asbestos, and has implications for anyone involved in the maintenance or repair of buildings. Failure to comply with the regulations constitutes a criminal offence under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, attracting a penalty of up to two years' imprisonment and an unlimited...
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TUC - Older 'Home' Workers

Around one in five workers over 55 regularly works from home, according to a TUC analysis of official figures published on Friday to mark National Work From Home Day, organised by Work Wise UK. The TUC analysis shows that the number of home workers has grown steadily during the past decade. For some time now technology has improved to the point that working from home is like 'working in the office'. Those of you who use the Ai Solutions Hosted Solution will already know that you can manage...
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Website Educates Asbestos Risks Past & Present

Our Australian counterparts are showing us Brits how it should be done in regard to Asbestos. They have set up an informative and emotive new online resource - the Australian Asbestos Network. Launched in March 2012 and funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Murdoch-led initiative features medical information, information about asbestos in homes and the environment, as well as a powerful library of recorded stories from those affected by the carcinogen. We could learn a...
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Asbestos Timeline - Updated to include (CAR) 2012

There's an interesting article in Industry Today about an "asbestos timeline". Silverdell PLC have published an historic timeline on the subject of asbestos, in a visual and easily shareable format. They have adapted the timeline and accompanying article to reflect the recent supreme court landmark ruling and the changes to the CAR 2012 regulations. For more on this article view Asbestos Uses and Regulations Timeline
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Verwood Builder Fined - Asbestos Risk

The Bournemouth Echo reports that a local builder has been fined after carrying out demolition work on a house. He negated the requirement to carry out an asbestos survey before commencing work. Self-employed Stuart Pearson was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for not having a pre-demolition survey to check all asbestos had been removed from the building. This type of work is very dangerous, along with this the removal of the asbestos must be carried out by professional removers.
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Asbestos Waste 'will be removed' Environment Agency Pledges

BBC news reports that Asbestos waste, that was excavated during an operation to recover the body of a horse which had fallen into the shaft near Redruth in February, is going to be removed. Residents were very concerned about the hazard to their health but the Environment Agency said it was a "relatively small amount" which would be removed, although no date was given. For more on this story visit
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Boost In Sales Versus Changes In Legislation

Barratt, the UK's largest homebuilder, saw its best spring selling season in five years as government moves to boost the market helped to raise prices and sales. Aided by government schemes that have helped to raise the prices of new houses, homebuilders have seen their sales rise. This is good news then within the industry? At the moment we are glad to hear this with the current financial climate spreading its doom and gloom. However, with the recent changes in the asbestos regulations and...
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New HSE Publication: Managing asbestos in buildings

INDG223 has now been published. This is a revised leaflet for the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. It combines two leaflets: A short guide to managing asbestos in premises and Manage buildings? You must manage asbestos. The leaflet is for people who own, manage or have responsibilities for buildings, which may contain asbestos. This includes all non-domestic buildings, whatever the type of business, and the common areas of domestic buildings, eg halls, stairwells, lift shafts, roof spaces.
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Historic Asbestos Case

Many of our readers will know that we advocate the management of Asbestos and that we believe it is a 'top-down' approach. A recent court case judgment may have far reaching ramifications for UK companies and their subsidiaries. The court has ruled in favor of an asbestos sufferer who sought damages from a "parent company". The case will mean that more liability will be placed on parent companies and may mean some high cost lawsuits. If you would like to have an asbestos management system in place...
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Roofer is Tagged for Illegal Dumping of Asbestos

Here is a warning to those who dump their asbestos waste illegally. The Safety & Health practitioner reported that the owner of a small roofing firm has been electronically tagged after admitting to fly-tipping asbestos on a road in Kent. For more on this story see Roofer given curfew order for illegally dumping asbestos.
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£30m Asbestos Removal Collaboration

Many of our readers know that we advocate sharing of information and collaboration of work, so it is good to see more collaboration going on. The Circle Housing Group is aiming to hand the removal of asbestos to three specialists. Circle own more than 63,000 homes and is running a tender for their asbestos removal programme. If you are interested visit their website Asbestos is a key area for those organisations who have a large portfolio of buildings. With the Control of Asbestos...
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Asbestos Exemption

Sufferers of asbestos-related cancer will initially be exempt from government changes to "no-win, no-fee" rules, a justice minister has said. Peers and campaigners say mesothelioma victims should be exempt because the illness's severity is indisputable. Jonathan Djanogly said there would first be a review of the changes, which will see successful claimants pay part of their damages to their solicitors. For more about this article go to Asbestos exemption to 'no-win, no-fee' changes.
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What has changed in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012?

Our partner Callsafe Services have just published the list of changes in their latest Construction Health and Safety News. On 6 April 2012 the new regulations (CAR12) come into force. These regulations revoke the 2006 regulations, and the 2007, 2008 (2 off) and 2009 amendment regulations. The changes are as follows: Regulation 2 includes new definitions of "asbestos cement", "asbestos coating", "asbestos insulation", "asbestos insulating board", "short duration work" and "textured decorative...
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New Asbestos Regulations Come into Force

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 will come into force on 6 April 2012, updating previous asbestos regulations to take account of the European Commission's view that the UK had not fully implemented the EU Directive on exposure to asbestos (Directive 2009/148/EC). In practice, the changes are fairly limited and mean that some types of non-licensed work with asbestos now have additional requirements, i.e. notification of work, medical surveillance and record keeping. All other requirements...
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CD237 - Proposals on Revised Control of Asbestos Regulations

The HSE has published the results of the consultation on the 'CD237 - Proposals on Revised Control of Asbestos Regulations'. For those of you involved in asbestos management or who are interested in the responses go to CD237 responses.
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Asbestos Event: HSE/Bradford

For those involved with the management of Asbestos there is an event happening on March 20th. Go to Asbestos Where is it? for more information.
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Underground: Deadly Asbestos 'all over the place'

The IBTimes reports that a Tube worker stated 'asbestos is all over the place on London Underground'. I am sure that many of us travel via the tube on a regular basis and this news may well not be a surprise for a few of us. The age of the underground is such that it would have been common place to use asbestos during the building of services. For their part TfL has said that there are strict controls in place, in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 and that are strict training requirements...
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Asbestos Inspections Planned: Huntingdonshire

Huntingdonshire District Council's Environmental and Community Health team will be targeting businesses across Huntingdonshire; their planned Asbestos Inspections are being done to ensure that businesses are not exposing employees to potentially harmful asbestos fibres, and are complying with their duty to manage any asbestos present in their premises. Will this mean other Local Authorities will soon be doing the same? For more on this story see Asbestos Inspections for Businesses in Huntingdonshire.
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School Asbestos 'National Scandal'

Some of you may have read in the Telegraph and other news sources, that a report published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health, looked into official figures showing more than 75% of state schools are exposing children, teachers and other staff to the carcinogenic material. It comes after more than 140 teachers died from the rare asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma in the past 10 years, with research in the US suggesting over 100 people will die every year in the...
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Large & Costly Asbestos Decontamination

Wales Online reported recently on a story that has shocked a lot of people. The HSE were called anonymously to investigate a Welsh factory that makes knitwear for the Royal Family. The contractor, Paul Hart who is a specialist in the safe removal of asbestos, was called in to decontaminate the factory. He found "clumps and clumps" of the material - which can cause lung cancer and other serious health problems - lying around the premises of Corgi Hosiery Ltd at New Road, Ammanford. It has taken...
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HSE: Plan of Work 2012

On the HSE web site we found an interesting document which outlines their plan of work from 2011 through 2012. In particular we noted their target sectors include:- Asbestos Small Sites/Projects Refurbishment Major clients/projects We think that covers most of our readers! it will be interesting to see how they will achive this. If you are interested in reading more about the HSE's plan go to HSE Work Plan 2011-12.
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HSE Updates: Asbestos

At a meeting in early December it was announced that the HSE has been given government clearance to recommence the Health and Safety Executive's award-winning 'Hidden Killer' asbestos campaign which was put on hold due to a freeze on government-funded campaigns. This is good news for 2012; we believe this particular campaign was excellent, warning construction workers, particularly those involved in maintenance and refurbishment work, of the dangers of asbestos. For more on the HSE and other updates...
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Dumped Asbestos

Some sad news we read recently about regarding the dumping of asbestos in the streets where pedestrians, children etc require access. We have to question if we are seeing this as a consequence of 'cuts backs' and if we will be seeing more of it in the future? It is not a situation we want to see becoming commonplace in our streets so what can we do about it? We have only one recourse - report the persons responsible! To view this article see Asbestos Dumped in Leicester street
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Major Retailer: Asbestos Fine

Once again the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are making an example of those who put members of the public and their staff at risk during construction works. Marks and Spencer, the well-known retailers, has been found guilty and fined £1m as recent construction works put people at risk of asbestos exposure during a facelift at its Reading store. They were also ordered to pay £600,000 costs on having been found guilty at an earlier hearing in a case brought by the HSE. The HSE's...
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White Asbestos: Definitely Top-Level Carcinogen

The Safety and Health Practitioner has reported that the Government's chief scientific advisor has reaffirmed the status of chrysotile (white) asbestos as a Class 1 carcinogenic substance, and has concluded that there is no valid reason to demote it to a less-serious category. Last year, Sir John Beddington, head of the Government Office for Science, was approached to consider whether any evidence exists that would "justify an imminent change to the 'international scientific consensus on the classification...
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Last Resort Fund for Asbestos Victims

It would seem that things may be taken more seriously for asbestos victims. We read in the Law Society Gazette that lawyers acting for people suffering from asbestos-related diseases have renewed their appeal for a ‘fund of last resort' when insurance details cannot be found. The scheme would work as a safety net for victims of disease - mainly incurred through their work decades ago - when victims cannot trace their employers' insurance records. For more on this article see the Law Society...
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UK Asbestos Law not up to EU Standard

The TUC February newsletter reports that the government has been told that the UK version of a European Union-wide law on asbestos safety is illegally lax and must be amended. The UK legislation currently focuses on the measurement of exposure to asbestos and not enough on the how the material will be affected by the work itself, while the directive deals with both exposure and the material. TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said "this is another nail in the coffin of the myth that the HSE has...
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UK Firm Fined Over Asbestos

A UK demolition firm has been fined over Asbestos say the Demolition News. The Yorkshire-based firm was the principal contractor on a demolition project and they were fined for failing to manage and monitor asbestos removal work at a site in Nottinghamshire. A number of buildings on the site contained notifiable asbestos, the removal of which should be declared to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and carried out by a licensed asbestos contractor. The main issue was that they did not record...
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Asbestos Victims Finally Get Compensation

97 Indian citizens poisoned by asbestos have finally secured compensation for injuries sustained at the hands of a British company - Turner & Newall Ltd (T&N). For more than 60 years T&N operated asbestos factories in India. The company processed asbestos and sold a range of asbestos products. According to campaigners, conditions were appalling and employees were routinely exposed to massive levels of cancer-causing asbestos fibre. When workers got sick or died, they were quickly replaced by...
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Asbestos Fines

It is sad to see that demolition of buildings without proper controls to manage asbestos is still happening. The HSE has recently taken two companies to court after an unlicensed contractor was appointed to remove 3,000 sqm of asbestos insulating board from a warehouse. A&T Roofing had been awarded the contract for the work in November 2005 by Noble Gift Packaging Ltd. Enfield-based contractor A&T Roofing pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 3(1) of the Asbestos (Licensing) Regulations 1983, and...
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Company fined £20,000 for asbestos breach

Bedford magistrates have fined a company £20,000 for exposing workers to asbestos. Galamast Ltd, based in Bromley, Kent, was convicted last Thursday of two breaches under the Health and Safety at Work Act. The company was carrying out a 'strip-out' of the old Littlewood's store in Bedford's Harpur Centre in March 2006 when verbal instructions were misunderstood, leading to its employees, sub contractors and health and safety inspectors being exposed to the dangerous substance. Galamast Ltd...
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Peter looks to track down ex-colleagues

Peter Downing, aged 68, a life-long non-smoker from Newport Pagnell, is now in constant pain, short of breath and unable to walk long distances. He is visited weekly by a community nurse. Mr Downing, who is married with four children, believes he developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos. He was a 16-year old apprentice carpenter in 1955 with the firm Tranfield & Co, then of Buckingham Road, Bletchley. For the full story, see this Milton Keynes Citizen article.
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Managing Asbestos in Premises

I thought that you would like to know that HSC have agreed that we should proceed with the revision of the CDM and CHSW regs. The ambitious aim is to publish a consultative document next Spring. As far as possible I want to move forward by consensus, involving as many interested parties as possible. The high level objectives for the revision, agreed with CONIAC and endorsed by HSC, are to improve the management of risk by: simplifying the regulations to improve clarity and so making it easier...
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Asbestos Awareness Campaign

We are continuing to support HSE, by publicising their Asbestos Awareness Campaign. This is part of our remit to improve health & safety in the construction industry with audited management information systems. The article "The Duty to Manage Asbestos", written by the HSE, contains much advice and guidance for everyone involved in the subject. A key issue is that many buildings managers are both unaware that they have responsibilities for Asbestos and are not briefed on how they should approach...
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Yorkshire Post Report on Asbestos Victims

A recent report in the Yorkshire Post makes some shocking revelations about people who have contracted mesothelioma. The Yorkshire Post report pulls together information from the HSE and the Trades Union Congress and claims 'to come just months after a Yorkshire Post investigation revealed fears over a new wave of victims, people who have had no direct or obvious contact with asbestos, but have still developed the disease because the now-banned fibre was so widely used'. According to the Yorkshire...
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HSE Questionnaire

Control of Asbestos at Work Regulation 4 Duty to Manage Asbestos The HSE is seeking the views of duty holders on progress of the new duty as part of HSE's one-year review of the operation of the new duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises. As you may be aware the Government gave a commitment during the House of Lords debate in December 2002 to review the new duty by the end of this year, though it does not become law until 21 May 2004. HSE has therefore prepared a short questionnaire...
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Briefings and Product Demonstrations

We are introducing a new series of free briefings & demonstrations about asbestos management and our software solution ToolKit CS™ Asbestos. Taking place at Leighton Buzzard, we have some dates available during the next 6 weeks and details are available on our web site or from us direct if you prefer to call us. This is an opportunity to get to know us, our solutions and benefits to evaluate how we can help your business manage asbestos successfully, cost effectively, within the legal...
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Asbestos Alert for Maintenance Workers

The main group of workers that need protection from asbestos whilst performing their duties are maintenance and installation engineers. The new Regulation 4, the Duty to Manage, in the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 will require that this group of workers will have access to all the information concerning asbestos within the premises they are working on. And that applies to all buildings in the workplace - with or without asbestos. Computers are the obvious vehicle to give anyone...
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When Access To Instant Information Could Save Lives

Time is running out for the non-domestic property owners with new duties under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002. With deaths exceeding 5000 per year in the UK from asbestos related diseases, the UK government have acted to protect the most at risk; maintenance workers and anyone who has the potential to disturb asbestos unknowingly. The HSE have tried to ensure that all people responsible for non-domestic premises have time to plan and formulate their policy for managing asbestos...
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Asbestos Law Unmasked

We will shortly be announcing the agenda for our first joint seminar with Heald Solicitors in Milton Keynes to be held on 6th March 2003. The agenda will be of interest to anyone concerned with both the legal aspects of the new asbestos management regulations and how they need to be managed. Heald Solicitors have an established construction based team well aware of the new legal requirements; Ai Solutions have their new Asbestos ToolKit CS™ ready for installation for the management of your...
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Asbestos Awareness - Introducing the Legislation

New legislation was signed on the 24 October 2002 by the Minister of Work to create an explicit duty to manage asbestos in premises. Implementation of this duty will make a major contribution to protecting people at work in the building - including maintenance workers - as well as members of the public potentially at risk. Under the new legislation, employers, for the first time, will have a specific legal duty to identify asbestos-containing materials in their buildings, and to assess the condition...
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SHE Editorial: New Regs - New Software

Ai Solutions Ltd have just launched their new asbestos management software called Asbestos ToolKit CS™. They will be demonstrating the new product at the SHE exhibition together with their updated market leading CDM software. The new asbestos legislation requires that if you own, occupy, manage or have responsibilities for premises which may contain asbestos, you will either have: A legal duty to manage the risk from this material OR A duty to co-operate with whoever manages that...
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Asbestos Awareness Campaign - Question To RICS

Following an enquiry by a RICS member who stated that 'the RICS' had advised them not to proceed with the management of asbestos in their practice because they could not be insured through the RICS, we asked the RICS for their comment. This is their reply; Contrary to what you may have been led to believe we see the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations as a potential market opportunity for members who wish to carry out type 1 or 2 inspections. However, as with all the work that RICS members...
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Asbestos Awareness Campaign - Ten Key Facts

"A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Asbestos in Premises" lists the following 10 Key Facts; If you don't manage asbestos in your premises, you could be putting your employees and other peoples health at risk. Exposure to asbestos occurs when you or others disturb it, releasing fibres into the air we breathe. Asbestos in good condition should be left in place and managed. Most work on asbestos requires a license, but some minor work on asbestos can be done without a license if the correct precautions...
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Asbestos Campaign News - July 2002

This article is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word (348 kB)
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Asbestos Campaign News - May 2002

This article is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word (370 kB)
[Read on about Asbestos Campaign News - May 2002]

Asbestos Campaign News Special

This article is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word (342 kB)
[Read on about Asbestos Campaign News Special]

Asbestos Campaign News - February 2002

This article is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word (871 kB)
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Asbestos Campaign News - August 2001

This article is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word (121 kB)Adobe Acrobat (PDF) (806 kB)
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Guidance on How To Survey Buildings for Asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published guidance on how to survey workplace premises for asbestos [containing materials] and how to record the results. "Surveying, sampling and Assessment of Asbestos Containing Materials" has been produced as a standard for people carrying out - or commissioning - asbestos surveys in buildings. The guidance (known as MDHS 100) will form an important element in HSE's overall strategy to prevent people from dying from asbestos related disease, and will...
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Asbestos Awareness Campaign

THE DUTY TO MANAGE ASBESTOSAN AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Setting the Scene Asbestos is the biggest occupational health problem ever encountered in the UK, and it is a problem that is set to get worse over the coming twenty or so years. The fifteen year plus latency period of asbestos means that positive efforts made now to reduce the effect of this killer disease will not be realised for some time. However, to do nothing is not an option. Asbestos was used extensively in building materials in the UK...
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Asbestos Dust Kills

Guidance for employees on wearing respiratory protective equipment for work with asbestos Why is asbestos dangerous? Breathing in asbestos fibres can lead to asbestos-related diseases. These are mainly cancers of the chest and lungs and they kill more people than any other single work-related cause. There is a long delay between first exposure to asbestos and the start of disease. This can vary between 15 and 60 years. The vast majority of people now dying from asbestos-related diseases...
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Working with Asbestos in Buildings

Essential advice for workers carrying out: Building maintenance Building repair Building refurbishment Building services Asbestos: The hidden killer! Are you at risk? What does this leaflet tell you and who is it for? This leaflet tells you where you are most likely to find asbestos and how to protect yourself when working with it. It will be particularly useful for anyone involved in building maintenance, repair or refurbish-ment work, for instance, plumbers, carpenters and electricians.
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Managing Asbestos in Workplace Building

Managing asbestos in workplace buildings : the hidden killer! Are you putting others at risk? Managing asbestos materials in workplace buildings If you own, manage or have responsibilities for a workplace building which may contain asbestos, you need to think about the risk of exposure to workers and others who may use the building. It is your job to manage that risk. A sound management strategy will help to ensure that you do not put others at risk. This guidance will help you decide how you...
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