Yorkshire Post Report on Asbestos Victims

A recent report in the Yorkshire Post makes some shocking revelations about people who have contracted mesothelioma. The Yorkshire Post report pulls together information from the HSE and the Trades Union Congress and claims 'to come just months after a Yorkshire Post investigation revealed fears over a new wave of victims, people who have had no direct or obvious contact with asbestos, but have still developed the disease because the now-banned fibre was so widely used'.

According to the Yorkshire Post, a Health and Safety Executive report reveals teachers, doctors, ambulance workers, farmers, and lawyers have all contracted mesothelioma as well as people employed in the traditional "at risk" occupations like shipbuilding and railway engineering. The rising toll from mesothelioma - almost exclusively linked to asbestos exposure - includes a total of 114 teachers. Between 1980 and 1985, 15 teachers died from the disease - 11 men and four women - but between 1996 and 2000 this increased to 43.

Please see the source material on the Yorkshire Post Today website.