Environmental Protection Agency and Asbestos in the USA

Russian Asbestos packaging using President Trump's faceIt has made the news recently that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in United States of America are proposing a new framework to manage new uses for toxic chemicals in manufacturing.

Whilst the EPA clarified it's position with a press release stating "the press reports on this issue are inaccurate. Without the proposed Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) EPA would not have a regulatory basis to restrict manufacturing and processing for the new asbestos uses covered by the rule. The EPA action would prohibit companies from manufacturing, importing, or processing for these new uses of asbestos unless they receive approval from the EPA." there seems to be widespread concerns documented in the press and across some social media platforms regarding this approach. We have to keep in mind this is a proposed framework, and that it was open for comment until 10th August, but it does cast some uncertainty over what is the use of an incredibly lethal carcinogenic material.

Hopefullly the framework, if it comes in to use, is used for good rather than the reintroduction or further use of Asbestos in manufacturing. Asbestos control and management is critical; introducing more in to our environment(s) would be a backwards step.

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