Our training is designed to give clients a fast track into the use of our products and services. This maintains our core goal of reducing risk in the workplace through cost effective management of health and safety.

All our training is carried out in accordance with our Training Charter which is there to establish the expectations of managers, trainees and ourselves.

Some of the training provided by Ai Solutions is 'free' in that it is included as standard with purchases of ToolKit CS™ licenses.

Training can be purchased as required and can take place on site, or at our offices where we have excellent facilities.

Health & Safety Training

Ai Solutions and our partners offer a range of comprehensive training courses in all aspects of health & safety. These include;

In addition we offer consultations on the following aspects of health & safety management:

Please contact us for more information.

ToolKit CS Training Package

To maintain the quality of our service delivery, we include a number of 'free' days of training every year depending on the renewal value. The package on offer also includes:

Our software is supplied with a fully integrated help file, which

In addition, our software is supplied with a regularly updated knowledge base, which

Most users like to take instructor led training either within their own training suite if they have one, or at Ai Solutions if they prefer. We do therefore offer a comprehensive set of courses which can be adapted to the requirements of individual users as well as the module they have purchased (CDM or Asbestos). These courses include:

There are other courses on offer depending on the needs of the organisation which we will establish through a training needs analysis before training commences.

Please contact us for more information.