Asbestos Safety Compliance

Asbestos Safety ComplianceFor most landlords and larger organisations trying to ensure you are complying with the law regarding Asbestos can be fraught with anxiety. Likewise, contractors carrying out work, particularly on older buildings, have to ensure the safety of those working on any constriction site.

The Asbestos regulations, often referred to as the CAR12 regulations, are quite specific in the 'Duty to Manage'. However duty to manage does not mean removing all asbestos. The act of disturbing and removing asbestos is a specialist task to be undertaken by specialised, qualified, contractors. In essence, this is a potentially dangerous task that, if handled badly, can lead to the distribution of the asbestos fibres to anyone and anywhere in the vicinity of the removal, transport route and dump site for the products concerned. There is an additional concern that there is nowhere to put the considerable tonnage of material that is known to have been imported into the UK over the years.

So, how can you ensure that you are compliant with CAR12 and how can you make sure that you reduce risk for those who access your properties, either by living there or if construction work is carried out?

  • • Firstly we suggest that you hold up to date information about your properties where you believe there are ACM's. There are many ways of doing this; paper reports, spreadsheets etc. But by far the best way is a centralised Asbestos Management System like ToolKit CS. This system is audit trailed and can prompt you when next surveys are due and, best of all, the information on there is shareable and consistently up-to-date.
  • You should also schedule in regular audits / re-inspections on your properties so that the information you have is consistent and up to date. Again ToolKit CS can easily and simply facilitate this.
  • With this in mind, you need a quick but thorough way of carrying out surveys on your system. Whether this is a re-inspection, refurbishment / demolition or bulk sampling survey. The information from each survey needs to be stored on your Centralised Asbestos Management System – immediately – not several days or weeks later. Hosted ToolKit CS (Asbestos) facilitates this by providing a FREE mobile surveying application that directly connects to your Centralised Asbestos Management System.

If you would like to know more about how ToolKit CS can help you with your Asbestos Management requirements then please call a member of the Ai Solutions team on 01525 850080 and arrange your FREE Demonstration and Consultation. We know we can help you, we have many customers that will verify that so please call us today!