Asbestos Compliance Made Easy

Asbestos ToolKit CS Product OverviewAs many of our readers know we are software developers of health and safety products. One of our leading packages allows our customers to manage their Asbestos Compliance issues easily and simply. The Asbestos ToolKit CS software facilitates a completely audited system that provides you with peace of mind when managing your asbestos portfolio.

When you have a large property base it can be difficult to keep track of surveys, ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) and monitoring tasks. However with Asbestos ToolKit CS you can manage multiple sites and view your data 24/7. The on-line facility of your asbestos registers, survey documentation, surveys and plans means that you can access your data wherever you are and find out key information about a particular site or building.

We also supply our template based documents and you have the ability add a multiplicity of attachments for the management of Asbestos in your premises including the provision of policy documents and management plans and so on. All documents and reports can be formatted as required to meet your own corporate style requirements.

Want to know more? Then use this link to view the Asbestos Management & Compliance Product Overview Video which tells you more about the ToolKit CS™ system and what it can do to help you manage your own Asbestos Portfolio.