When Access To Instant Information Could Save Lives

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Time is running out for the non-domestic property owners with new duties under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002. With deaths exceeding 5000 per year in the UK from asbestos related diseases, the UK government have acted to protect the most at risk; maintenance workers and anyone who has the potential to disturb asbestos unknowingly.

The HSE have tried to ensure that all people responsible for non-domestic premises have time to plan and formulate their policy for managing asbestos within their buildings. This will include consultations with their employees and other potentially affected parties. The new duty will be enforceable from 21 May 2004.

Good communication has to be at the heart of the solution. Verbose reports are the least appropriate answer when the questions asked by maintenance workers are straightforward and simple. The best solutions are always the simple ones. We have brought together the best technical solutions available with some straightforward logic. ToolKit CS™ is the result. Users can search for any location within the organisation's estate, (via the Internet if necessary) review a marked up floor plan showing asbestos items, access the related asbestos data and risk assessment with a single click and produce a report in a similar fashion. And the whole process is audited so that managers can monitor who has accessed what and when. Data Exchange tools are available to link survey data from hand held devices to asbestos surveyors' databases to corporate Intranets running large database management suites. Everything is simple to use, straightforward, and available 24/7.

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David Marlow
Managing Director Ai Solutions Ltd

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