Customer Commitment

Our success is built, not only upon high quality software, but also upon our commitment and support to customers before, during and after its installation.

Latest results from our regular customer satisfaction surveys show 98% of our customers gave our support and training an overall 'excellent/very good' approval rating. We are proud of this, but not complacent - we know we can stay at that level and better, only through continued commitment to understanding and meeting our customers' requirements.

We value ongoing contact with all our customers, both individually and through invitations to seminars and workshops, which facilitate networking with fellow users and Health and Safety professionals. Dialogue helps to maintain our awareness of customer needs so that ToolKit CS™ can be updated regularly to meet new and changing requirements. Legislative changes are reflected in the periodic updates of our software and extensive Knowledge Base.

Training and support are provided on site, at our offices, by telephone or by remotely logging into customers' installations at their request. We are more than ready to help with matters as they crop up. For example; if you are notified of an HSE inspection, our NEBOSH qualified staff will gladly offer support in presenting information stored in ToolKit CS™ to help you demonstrate compliance.

Please contact us for more information.