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HSG248 Analysts Guide

The HSE has produced another helpful guide, HSG248, which is an Analyst's Guide for sampling analysis and clearance procedures. We particularly liked the section on sampling and analysis of materials as it reminds us about the use of safe systems of work, after all, even though this is part of the analyst's day to day work we must remember that taking samples can also be hazardous! We also liked the bulk sampling strategy where the sample must truly represent the location (and material sample) from...
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Construction Productivity eBook

There is a really useful eBook available to download from PlanGrid called 'Construction Productivity 101' which is a practical guide to help you increase productivity in seven easy steps. These seven easy steps include:- Bring Technology on Board Improve Planning with More Data Improve Productivity Training and Require More Job Site Experience Increase Use of Prefabrication Move Towards Shorter, Team-Friendly Contracts Improve Safety Training and Provide More of it Communicate Better There...
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Quantity Surveying - Lack of Expertise

A Quantity Surveyor is 'key' when aiming for a project that comes in on budget, in fact, a good Quantity Surveyor is worth their weight in gold. We have all read about the lack of qualified processionals within construction and, as part of the planning process, a Quantity Surveyor is a crucial element when trying to gauge the pricing of work. However, from what we are reading and hearing, there seems to be a lot of Quantity Surveyors retiring and, as it's not a 'cool or funky' job, many new starters...
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HSE Fees for Intervention - Review

The FFI Scheme was introduced in October 2012 as a method to allow the HSE to recover investigation costs directly from a business found to be in material breach of health & safety legislation. There has been mush to do about these 'fees' as many feel they are unwarranted and are seen as a 'way of making money' for the HSE. However an independent review of the FFI process has now taken place. The outcome is that, as of September 2017, the panel reviewing disputed invoices under the Fee For Intervention...
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FREE Application Development Forum - 8th November 2017

Ai Solutions will be running their free Application Development Forum (ADF) on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at our offices in Leighton Buzzard, 9:30-1pm. This is a very special event where we tell our customers about our future development plans. We have new products that are about to go 'live' and we want our customers to be the first to see them! This event is also an opportunity for our customers to tell us what they need out of the systems we produce, this is because their input is very...
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September 2017 ToolKit CS User Workshop

Ai Solutions held their ToolKit CS user workshop on Wednesday this week. These special events are aimed at providing our customer base with the opportunity to get the best out of their ToolKit CS systems. This type of face to face gathering allows our ToolKit CS users to find out what is new in the product and the attendees also 'had a go' on the system to try out the new features. Additionally we provided some 'top tips' to help them better manage their systems as well as presenting ideas to them...
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Free Accident & Investigation Guide

A very useful free guide has been published by SHP to help you through what is needed for accident and investigations. Remember that thorough accident investigation should identify all immediate, underlying and root causes, thereby providing a foundation for developing control measures to eliminate these causes. This should result in a continual improvement in health and safety management. The guide covers the following: Why investigate accidents? The Immediate, Underlying and Root Causes of...
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Asbestos Found In Welsh School

An investigation has begun in a school in Wales where construction work was carried out.  It is thought that some ceiling tiles were disturbed during some initial construction work. When new work was subsequently planned it was noted that some asbestos insulating ceiling tiles in the kitchen area of the school had already been disturbed. This lead to the employment of a licenced contractor, who could remove the asbestos safely, being employed by the council. The licenced contractor then notified...
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Compliance for Asbestos Management

We get a lot of queries from people and organisations about 'how' they should be managing their asbestos and what should they be doing to ensure that they are compliant with the CAR12 regulations. At Ai Solutions we pride ourselves in supporting our customers and we have produced the ToolKit CS Asbestos Compliance System to aid those who need help. In order to comply you need to make sure your building assets have had appropriate surveys carried out. The results from those surveys (including, ACM...
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CDM Solution for States of Jersey

We are very proud that the States of Jersey Infrastructure team have successfully implemented ToolKit CS as their CDM management system. Compared to the British CDM2015 regs, the regulations are different for the States of Jersey; the Management in Construction (Jersey) Regulations 2016 (CDM2016) were brought into force in October 2016 and replaced the 'Construction (Safety Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations 1970' and the 'Approved Code of Practice Managing Health and Safety in Construction'...
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