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Ai Solutions - Out and About

Many of our customers will tell you that we like visit them. Part of what we like to provide is 1-1 guidance whether this is on the products we provide or advice on particular problems that our customers may come across in their day to day work activities. We also offer training in product as well as regulations so if that something we can help with please lets us know by calling a member of the team on 01525 850080. Along with this we offer remote support for our customers using the latest IT technologies...
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Living in the Shadow of Asbestos

For those of you affected by asbestos there is help out there. You could even be entitled to financial support. Asbestos is one of the biggest workplace killers in the UK and causes more deaths a year than road traffic accidents. For many tradesmen, manual workers and engineers, asbestos exposure in the workplace will have been inevitable during the last sixty years due to its widespread use. Have you been exposed? Those who have worked as laggers, electricians, dockworkers, joiners, plumbers (to...
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Safe Methods of Working on Building Sites

Despite having the regulations to guide us and despite excellent health and safety on construction sites, workers are still being hurt. Why is this? Most of the larger contractors, and many of the smaller contractors, have carried out their Risk Assessments and put in place Method Statements which outline 'how' the work needs to be carried out in order to keep the worker safe. But what are they if not followed? What can be done to ensure that they are followed? A Safe Work Procedure is...
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Compliance - Going Forward into 2018

On Wednesday November 8th 2017 Ai Solutions held their Application Development Forum (ADF). It's now been 10 years since we first developed our product and service offering via The Cloud. The main aim was to help stop the silo mentality that many organisations suffered. We did this by developing a solution that facilitates sharing of information 24/7. We were asked by our customers to do something about the 3rd party IT support issues that they suffered and to help them cut costs. That goal was achieved...
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Progress your Career in Construction

If you are already working within the construction industry and want to progress your career, or you are just starting out, it is advisable to ensure you have the right qualifications to support you in your role. UCEM (University College of Estate Management) have a range of undergraduate and postgraduate professionally accredited online programmes that provide a flexible and cost-effective route to gaining chartered status. They offer Undergraduate programmes, MBA's BSc's and Apprenticeships that...
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Design for Accessibility

There is a lot in the health and safety news lately about 'disability issues' within construction. From our perspective CDM2015 states that designers have a responsibility to ensure that, whatever they design, be it a road, building, bus stop, bridge etc., consideration as to its use, operation and maintenance should ensure that no person is put at risk. The Equality Act 2010 states that clients and contractors should provide 'reasonable alternative access' when constructing. There should be reasonable...
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Asbestos Safety Compliance

For most landlords and larger organisations trying to ensure you are complying with the law regarding Asbestos can be fraught with anxiety. Likewise, contractors carrying out work, particularly on older buildings, have to ensure the safety of those working on any constriction site. The Asbestos regulations, often referred to as the CAR12 regulations, are quite specific in the 'Duty to Manage'. However duty to manage does not mean removing all asbestos. The act of disturbing and removing asbestos...
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Ill-Health Still a Major Issue in Construction

The HSE has recently published their latest health and safety statistics. It is very apparent from the stats that, although we are killing less people within construction, there are still a lot of ill-health issues that need to be addressed. The 2017 statistics show several key facts including 31.3 million working days are lost due to ill-health and non-fatal workplace injuries. This will be costing Construction Companies many millions of pounds. Along with this they have estimated that the Annual...
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HSG248 Analysts Guide

The HSE has produced another helpful guide, HSG248, which is an Analyst's Guide for sampling analysis and clearance procedures. We particularly liked the section on sampling and analysis of materials as it reminds us about the use of safe systems of work, after all, even though this is part of the analyst's day to day work we must remember that taking samples can also be hazardous! We also liked the bulk sampling strategy where the sample must truly represent the location (and material sample) from...
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Construction Productivity eBook

There is a really useful eBook available to download from PlanGrid called 'Construction Productivity 101' which is a practical guide to help you increase productivity in seven easy steps. These seven easy steps include:- Bring Technology on Board Improve Planning with More Data Improve Productivity Training and Require More Job Site Experience Increase Use of Prefabrication Move Towards Shorter, Team-Friendly Contracts Improve Safety Training and Provide More of it Communicate Better There...
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