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PAS 1192-6 is imminent

Guest Article from Dave Carr, Managing Director of Callsafe Services Limited and BIMsafe Limited
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Temporary Works Management

There are particular risks associated to temporary works within the construction industry, in fact this is where a lot of accidents/near misses happen.  The HSE define Temporary Works as:- "a widely used expression in the construction industry for an "engineered solution" used to support or protect an existing structure or the permanent works during construction, or to support an item of plant or equipment, or the vertical sides or side-slopes of an excavation, or to provide access. The construction...
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Centre of Digital Built Britain

With BIM (Building Information Modelling) being the buzzword at the moment we were interested to see that a partnership has grown between the Department of Business and Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge. Their aim is "to transform the UK construction industry's approach to the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure". They have a number of courses within the built environment that include recommendations form this new government directive. BIM...
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Resilient Roads

We are sure you have all noticed the state of the current road infrastructure while on your way to work. The snow and freezing conditions that we have suffered on and off in the latter parts of 2017 has meant more and more damage to our regular routes. More traffic damage is also being caused and the roads have become more susceptible to the wear and tear of every day driving. In fact, potholes are becoming common place and are often the reason for complaints to councils as drivers damage their tyres...
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PPE Overkill?

One of the things that keeps popping in in conversations is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Often used at the 'cure all' for any risk assessments PPE is habitually used as the 'bootstrap and braces' approach. Don't get us wrong, PPE has its place and can be highly effective. The HSE states that making the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly. Even where engineering controls and safe systems of...
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Happy New Year 2018

So as another New Year begins we have much to look forward to. Ai Solutions are very proud and excited to say that we have NEW products in the pipeline, so watch this space! It's also good to hear from others that things have started to improve business-wise. We read with pleasure more and more about the positivity within the construction arena and we note that there are more new, high-end projects planned for 2018 which can only be good for all parties involved.  This includes the Clients,...
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Construction Industry and the new ISO9001:2015 standard

Asbestos Surveying Made Easy

Are you looking for help with your surveying? Are you a client that legally has to ensure your properties are compliant as per the Asbestos CAR12 (Control of Asbestos) regulations? Perhaps you are a surveyor looking for a simple to use tool to carry out, record and upload your surveys in 2 easy steps? Then look no further, we have the ideal solution for you! Designed to be user friendly we have a surveying application that you can download for free*. This application can work on iPads (Asbestos...
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Lead Paint Awareness Training

We are currently working with LCMA, the Lead Containing Material Association (formerly LiPSA, the Lead Paint Safety Association). They have developed a number of courses to raise awareness of the dangers of lead paint within the construction industry. The courses will have their final authorisation from the NOCN awarding body in January which means they will become readily available to everyone. Lead based paints were used in abundance in past construction; however the aftermath (its legacy)...
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Ai Solutions - Out and About

Many of our customers will tell you that we like visit them. Part of what we like to provide is 1-1 guidance whether this is on the products we provide or advice on particular problems that our customers may come across in their day to day work activities. We also offer training in product as well as regulations so if that something we can help with please lets us know by calling a member of the team on 01525 850080. Along with this we offer remote support for our customers using the latest IT technologies...
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