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CDM Forum

Discuss CDM related matters here

Latest Post: CDM: Confined Spaces by gordon anderson on 28 May

I am sure that everyone on this forum is very aware of the tragic loss of life that occurs when a confined space sentry rushes in to attempt a sole rescue (sometimes followed by other well-meaning personnel) without waiting for the proper rescue teams. This issue has eluded a solution for over 40 years. Over the years, this has resulted in improvements to codes of practice, confined space standards, signage, training, permit to work systems et cetera. Whilst these are important and necessary, they are administrative in nature and the problem with humans is that in a traumatic situation the sentry’s brain is flooded with adrenaline they are not thinking logically. They forget the training and don’t read the signs! We have designed and patented an engineering solution for this situation (as opposed to an administrative one) it has been reviewed by several practising safety managers in various industries with positive feedback in relation to its potential to save lives. However, we cannot progress this further without the help of a development partner capable of taking it to market. Our research shows that the potential market is diverse, international and substantial. We hope that by posting this comment we may be able to locate and communicate with a suitable company who may be interested in taking this idea further

Asbestos Management Forum

Discuss Asbestos Management related matters here

Latest Post: Asbestos Management: HELP - Have I Been Exposed To Asbestos? by Frank Sheppard on 12 December

Hi D W As per advice to Hannah this advice equally applies to every one thinking about hazards in their environment see reply to Hannah reference Re- Lead paint and more importantly if you have young children especially below the age of seven urgent action is needed do not undertake any remedial work until you have had the lead levels checked out by a recognised and competent person. check out for proper advice and guidance Frank Sheppard