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CDM Forum

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Latest Post: CDM: Employer/Designer duties by David Brede on 8 June

Certainly it is not satisfactory to have have a site unsafe at any stage let alone at construction phase. Clients have their roles but if they are not competent they can seek support from other parties such as yourself as a contractor. Is there a solution that can be implemented by a contractor? Clearly you have a professional reputation to defend as a contractor and would be potentially liable in the event of an incident occurring at a site you operated that was unsafe when not occupied or staffed in any way. You are doing the right things here and you may have to consider hard decisions about whether this client is someone you want to deal with if they are unwilling to address your concerns.

Asbestos Management Forum

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Latest Post: Asbestos Management: HELP - Have I Been Exposed To Asbestos? by Frank Sheppard on 12 December

Hi D W As per advice to Hannah this advice equally applies to every one thinking about hazards in their environment see reply to Hannah reference Re- Lead paint and more importantly if you have young children especially below the age of seven urgent action is needed do not undertake any remedial work until you have had the lead levels checked out by a recognised and competent person. check out for proper advice and guidance Frank Sheppard