Asbestos Essentials

The HSE has lots of useful information available to those that have to work with or remove asbestos. These resources are freely available to download, or you can purchase hard copies if you prefer.

HSG210: Asbestos essentialsAs we all know the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provides a wealth of information to support those involved in health and safety, this includes a repository of useful links and guidance to support you. We would like to share a particular resource as we feel it has great value to those having to deal with the removal of asbestos. If you visit Asbestos Essentials it will take you to a repository of information like task sheets, methods and guidance to help you manage the asbestos work effectively.  

There are so many prosecutions in regard to Asbestos under the CAR12 (Asbestos) Regulations so you need to be extra vigilant when dealing with this deadly product as it is rife within our older buildings. If you are a surveyor, facilities manager or a client you may be glad to hear that the team at Ai Solutions continues to provide software solutions for Asbestos, this includes an excellent surveying tool. If you would like to know more about any of the products or services we offer or perhaps have a FREE Consultation and Demonstration then please give us a call on 01525 850343 or email