Asbestos Court Case Delivers Heavy Fine

Asbestos Dust Hazard

Once again, contractors have ended up with a heavy fine after being prosecuted under the CAR12 (Asbestos) Regulations.

In the court case two contractors were found guilty of not suitably managing the removal of some ceiling tiles at a school in Derby, they were fined over £100,000 plus ordered to pay a further £9,559 in costs. Asbestos is still being found in many of our refurbishment projects in older buildings as it was a cheap solution in the past. Yet still contractors are failing in their duties. In this particular case the main contractors only provided 'generic' risk assessments and put their workers at risk.

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Sadly, we are still seeing many reports of non-compliance with the CAR12 regulations and many prosecutions have happened. Obviously, this isn't likely to change however, in the longer term, one would like to hope that the implementation of the Asbestos regulations leads to better and safer work places.

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