Knowledge-base - A Useful Tool for Compliance

freeimages-construction-place-1207534.jpgAt Ai Solutions we have spent many years in building our CDM knowledge-base and Asbestos knowledge-base. Originally they were only delivered as part of our CDM and Asbestos software packages. Many of you know that these packages are specifically aimed at those who need to comply with the CDM and Asbestos management regulations. However, the feedback we have received from customers is that they have found the knowledge-base very useful as an information/compliance tool which is great news.

Over time we realised that more and more people were interested in the information, help and guidance they provide. When the Health and Safety Matters website was developed we decided to make both knowledge-bases available to everyone. We regularly update them with changes in legislation and safety topics along with useful feedback our customers provide.

If you work within the Health & Safety industry and would like to find out more about them then please visit our Safety Matters web site for more information.