Geolocation and Project Management - Q and A -ToolKit CS

What is Geolocation (otherwise known as "Mapping")?Mapping and ToolKit

It is the location of something using digital technology, usually on a map - like interface (Alex Fention, University of Salford).

How can this technology help with my CDM and Asbestos Projects?

  • it can help you and your team visualise sites, properties and structures
  • it can map out your projects
  • it can play a significant role in effective project and time management (it can even help you find parking!)
  • it can be used "on the go" using a smartphone or tablet so you should never get lost again!

What has been the feedback so far for ToolKit CS™ and Geolocation?

We have had some great feedback from our users about this application and positive remarks about how it has changed the way they work especially within the Asbestos Management side of things. Development continues to make it even more powerful for ToolKit CS™ and its users. 

What applications of Toolkit CS™ have access to Geolocation?

All applications of ToolKit CS™ have access to this tool - including the Standalone version.


If you have any other questions about geolocation and/ or ToolKit CS™, please call us 01525 850 080 or email