Managing Asbestos in Premises

I thought that you would like to know that HSC have agreed that we should proceed with the revision of the CDM and CHSW regs. The ambitious aim is to publish a consultative document next Spring. As far as possible I want to move forward by consensus, involving as many interested parties as possible.

The high level objectives for the revision, agreed with CONIAC and endorsed by HSC, are to improve the management of risk by:

  1. simplifying the regulations to improve clarity and so making it easier for dutyholders to know what is expected of them;
  2. maximising their flexibility to fit with the vast range of contractual arrangements;
  3. making their focus planning and management, rather than the plan and other paperwork, to emphasise active management and minimise bureaucracy;
  4. strengthening the requirements regarding co-ordination and co-operation, particularly between designers and contractors to encourage more integration;
  5. simplifying the assessment of the competence of organisations.

If we are to make an impact and avoid the problems that have dogged CDM then the way we proceed is at least as important as the final product. I want all interested parties to feel involved and to have a real opportunity to influence the outcome. I should, therefore, appreciate it if you would use your contacts to identify opportunities for either informal discussions or presentations to meetings. I also hope to establish an internet discussion forum where we can post drafts and people can comment on them or put forward their own ideas.

Stephen Wright
HSE Construction Policy
Tel. 020 7717 6308