Compliance for Asbestos Management

We get a lot of queries from people and organisations about 'how' they should be managing their asbestos and what should they be doing to ensure that they are compliant with the CAR12 regulations.

At Ai Solutions we pride ourselves in supporting our customers and we have produced the ToolKit CS Asbestos Compliance System to aid those who need help. In order to comply you need to make sure your building assets have had appropriate surveys carried out. The results from those surveys (including, ACM detail, MAS, PAS, RAS, photos and plans) are made available to all those that may need to maintain the building/structure or undertake any construction or demolition.

We also offer a FREE mobile application so that surveyor can carry out their surveys 'in-situ' and send the data directly back so that you can ensure you have the laste information on your Asbestos Management system.

Asbestos Surveyor App

The HSE has great information on their web site about 'how' you should be managing your Asbestos. However, if you are a landlord you have specific duties under the law, remember not knowing is not an excuse! If you would like to get more information on what you can do to ensure you are compliant then call a member of the Ai Solutions team today on 01525 850343 or email us on