What has changed in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012?

AsbestosOur partner Callsafe Services have just published the list of changes in their latest Construction Health and Safety News.

On 6 April 2012 the new regulations (CAR12) come into force. These regulations revoke the 2006 regulations, and the 2007, 2008 (2 off) and 2009 amendment regulations.

The changes are as follows:

  • Regulation 2 includes new definitions of "asbestos cement", "asbestos coating", "asbestos insulation", "asbestos insulating board", "short duration work" and "textured decorative coatings". The definition of "relevant doctor" has been amended and there is also a new definition of "licensable work with asbestos".
  • Regulation 3(2) has been amended to include the terms "in which only non-friable materials are handled" and "without deterioration of non-degraded materials" in regulation 3(2)(c)(i) and (ii) respectively. The licensing requirement has been de-coupled from the derogation and the reference to licensing has been removed from regulation 3.
  • Regulation 8 refers to licensable work with asbestos which is defined in regulation 2(1).
  • Regulation 9 makes different provision for notification for work with asbestos (which is not disapplied by regulation 3(2)), depending on whether the work is licensable work with asbestos or not.
  • Regulation 15 provides for certain arrangements to be in place regarding accidents, incidents and emergencies and makes it clear that different requirements apply if the work is licensable work with asbestos.
  • Regulation 22 provides for different requirements for medicals and health surveillance depending on whether the work is licensable work with asbestos or not.
  • Other amendments to reflect the REACH Enforcement Regulations 2008.
  • Schedule 1, Particulars to be included in a notification, has been slightly amended.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 can be viewed, downloaded and printed from:

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