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Happy New Year 2019 - Lets Make It A Safe One

Sadly, we are still seeing many reports of non-compliance with the CDM regulations and many prosecutions have happened. Although this may not change immediately, in the longer term one would like to hope that the implementation of the CDM and Asbestos regulations leads to better and safer work places. The team at Ai Solutions continues to work hard to provide better compliance products to help those within the construction and Health and Safety arenas. We now have a set of products that can help...
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Collaboration within Construction

It may seem obvious to many but collaboration within the construction industry is still not as common place as you would like to think. The benefits are obvious as has been demonstrated by some of the larger well known projects like the Olympics. Sharing of information is just a start, all parties singing from the same hymn sheet means that all are working towards the same goal with the same information. This is a sure fire way of saving money and time! Aside from that, collaborating has other benefits,...
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Knowledge-base - A Useful Tool for Compliance

At Ai Solutions we have spent many years in building our CDM knowledge-base and Asbestos knowledge-base. Originally they were only delivered as part of our CDM and Asbestos software packages. Many of you know that these packages are specifically aimed at those who need to comply with the CDM and Asbestos management regulations. However, the feedback we have received from customers is that they have found the knowledge-base very useful as an information/compliance tool which is great news. Over time...
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Government Upload - Post Grenfell

We read an interesting report produced by Dame Judith Hackitt. It is a personal view on her part post the Grenfell report. The most interesting bits for us were her references to 'lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities' where she states 'there is ambiguity over where responsibility lies, exacerbated by a level of fragmentation within the industry, and precluding robust ownership of accountability'. We would wholeheartedly agree with her on this, in particular the accountability. Despite there...
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Building a Safer Future

As our readers know we have, for many years, been stating that ensuring compliance means safer construction sites. The regulations are there to protect all parties and following them means you can ensure that you have done everything in your power to comply with the law. ToolKit CS is the leader in CDM compliance software and it has a proven track record, just ask the many users. Many organisations believe that they can demonstrate compliance, but can they? What if you have multiple sites and/or...
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HSE Making The Case For BIM

The HSE have published a report in conjunction with researchers for the Health and Safety Laboratory and with input from the BIM 4 Health and Safety Workgroup which details how digital engineering could make a difference to Health and Safety. We note that the report includes several case studies. These case studies show how digital modelling has saved either time and/or cost, provided better end product visualisation, facilitated better collaboration and, most importantly, cut down on hazards and...
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Lead Paint Awareness for Program of Works

Are you initiating a new program of works? Where work is proposed and it will disturb paintwork, then you, employers and all workers on site must comply with The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 (CLAW). If the construction work undertaken is with a pre-1970 building be that demolition, refurbishment, maintenance, simple retro fitting or building repair the exposure risks of lead paint will be high.  It may be disturbing old paint beneath that has never been stripped properly. ...
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Construction Productivity eBook

There is a really useful eBook available to download from PlanGrid called 'Construction Productivity 101' which is a practical guide to help you increase productivity in seven easy steps. These seven easy steps include:- Bring Technology on Board Improve Planning with More Data Improve Productivity Training and Require More Job Site Experience Increase Use of Prefabrication Move Towards Shorter, Team-Friendly Contracts Improve Safety Training and Provide More of it Communicate Better There...
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FREE Application Development Forum - 8th November 2017

Ai Solutions will be running their free Application Development Forum (ADF) on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at our offices in Leighton Buzzard, 9:30-1pm. This is a very special event where we tell our customers about our future development plans. We have new products that are about to go 'live' and we want our customers to be the first to see them! This event is also an opportunity for our customers to tell us what they need out of the systems we produce, this is because their input is very...
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September 2017 ToolKit CS User Workshop

Ai Solutions held their ToolKit CS user workshop on Wednesday this week. These special events are aimed at providing our customer base with the opportunity to get the best out of their ToolKit CS systems. This type of face to face gathering allows our ToolKit CS users to find out what is new in the product and the attendees also 'had a go' on the system to try out the new features. Additionally we provided some 'top tips' to help them better manage their systems as well as presenting ideas to them...
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BIM and CDM Synergy

The team at Ai Solutions have been finding out more about the synergy between CDM and BIM. We don't believe there are many of us that are unfamiliar with both these terms, but, just in case. BIM is Building Information Modelling and the government has set out its strategy to reach level 3. CDM is the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and all construction projects now fall under this set of regulations. Interestingly the Route to BIM in 10 steps tells us that at the moment many businesses...
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Construction Fatalities Update

We note that construction worker fatalities dropped significantly in the year end to March 2017 reaching an all-time low. This is great news. However there were 30 fatalities across construction during 2016/17 and, according to the HSE (PDF), this is the lowest on record. Interestingly of the 30 construction worker deaths, 22 were employed and eight self-employed and the HSE indicate that twelve of these were due to 'falls from height'. Additionally there were four members of the public died...
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FREE Application Development Forum - 8th November 2017

Ai Solutions are pleased to announce that the long awaited, next Application Development Forum (ADF) is scheduled for Wednesday 8th November 2017 at our offices in Leighton Buzzard, 9:30-1pm. This is a very special event where we tell our customers about our future development plans. We have new products that are about to go 'live' and we want our customers to be the first to see them! This event is also an opportunity for our customers to tell us what they need out of the systems we produce,...
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FREE Customer Workshop - 20th September 2017

Once again Ai Solutions are offering a free workshop for our ToolKit CS customers and users on Wednesday 20th September 2017, 9:30-1pm at our offices in Leighton Buzzard. As usual this type of event is specifically designed to support and help our customers. We have always had excellent feedback from these types of event in the past and look forward to meeting our end users. For this workshop we will be focusing on showing our new development of Toolkit CS and giving end users the opportunity to...
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Brexit and the Construction Industry

Now that we have started our path towards Brexit we need to look at how it may affect the construction industry. There has been an awful lot of negativity regarding leaving the European Union as many see this as a threat to one of their key resources, immigrant workers. Cheap labour keeps many construction projects going so without the easy 'free movement' of immigration between member states will the cost of projects soar as we have less access to foreign workers? On the plus side this will mean...
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Free Health & Safety Guidance in Construction

For those of you that are new to construction there is a lot of health and safety issues that you need to consider, however there is help and guidance out there. Ai Solutions can help you with your duties under the CDM2015 regulations, just give us a call on 01525 850080 or visit our web site for more information. Additionally the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has a lot of information available. One document in particular gives guidance on work preparation, setting up your...
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Construction - Shortage in the Workforce

Construction relies heavily on its workforce more than most other industries, it is a major sector of the UK economy generating around £90 billion annually. With the welcome increase of construction work that is presently happening workloads are rising faster than the worker pool. Agency Central states that a huge skill shortage could be on the horizon, with the current situation only looking to get worse through 2017. As I see it we have three large resource-pools that we could tap into to...
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2014: Change in Regulations, Behaviour, Culture

Having recently visited the IIRSM Conference in Birmingham we were very pleased with the conference as a whole but particularly interested in the update from Judith Hackitt, the Chair of the HSE. Judith stated that much about the implementation of the regulations is misrepresentation and as health and safety professionals we are all guilty of adding fuel to the flames. What the HSE does is good, it provides an essential job. Real health and safety it about the important parts of the work, the risk...
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Boris supports new "Garden" Bridge over Thames

The mayor of London, Boris Jonson, is reportedly backing proposals for an iconic new "garden" bridge across the Thames, similar to New York's High Line elevated park. The plans for the new bridge include an elaborate, widening and narrowing along its span and it will support a park containing plants from London and across Britain. The new structure will cross the river from Victoria Embankment on the north bank of the Thames at Temple, between Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges. It looks like being...
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Wolverhampton House Collapse

A house in Wolverhampton partially collapsed after design and build contractors ignored the recognised procedures regarding party walls. The HSE said that the event could have been easily prevented and that "as an experienced builder they should have known better in the first place". Will we be seeing more of these types of incident when the new CDM regulations come into force? There are rumours that domestic work will fall under CDM in the future, perhaps this will be a good thing. However we all...
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Design Risk Management

Due to the continued success of the Callsafe Services Limited Design Risk Management course, they are presenting the next course on 18th & 19th June at Aston Conferences in Birmingham. This is the only Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) designers' course that is accredited by the Association for Project Safety (APS). The course is also recognised as CPD for CDM Co-ordinators, Architects and other designers. The course tutor has experience in both design and construction,...
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Basis of new CDM Regulations Explained

Update April 2015: For an explanation of the CDM 2015 Regulations now in force and what they mean for you, see our CDM Knowledge Base. On March 13th 2013 the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) received a presentation from HSE on the revision to the CDM 2007 Regulations. The presentation has now been published on the HSE website - CDM Revised Regulatory Package Update. The declared objectives of the new regulations are: Implementation - current law 'under-implements' since...
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Construction - Problem child

An interesting article in the SHP online recently discussing the CDM Regulations. It is nearly 20 years since the regulations came into force and for some it has been a long and troublesome road. This SHP article looks at the issue of 'Competence and Pre-qualification'. Originally the CDM regulations were put in place to improve health and safety in the construction industry, with a particular focus on effective planning and risk management. A key element of this was that you should ensure those...
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Health & Safety Community Forums

Once again we have been listening to our customers and are proud to announce that we have published our latest addition onto our web site - the Health and Safety Community Forums. This FREE new service allows our customers and followers to have the support of experts to address those questions or issues you come across during your CDM or Asbestos related activities. All you need to do is enter one of the forums, Asbestos or CDM, and add in your query and one of our experts will advise you. To enter...
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Swansea Contractor Orders Workers to Tie Plastic Bags Around Exposed Asbestos

The HSE are prosecuting a Swansea engineering firm and contractor after recent investigations revealed several breeches, one included the failure to appoint a competent CDM-C. It was also noted that during the demolition works an asbestos insulation board (AIB) covering a steel column was damaged, and a Wall Colmonoy employee was told to tape plastic bags around it. Work continued in the building for several months with the AIB debris left lying on the floor until an unannounced visit was carried...
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Ai Solutions CDM Co-ordinator Service

Ai Solutions continue to work hard to provide 'best value' for our customers and this New Year we are proud to announce that we can now offer a 'Complete CDM-C service'. The CDM-C Service and Consultancy is an option we can provide to aid you in effective CDM management. We will provide a fully qualified and competent CDM-C to manage your project from design start through to handover of the health and safety file. This allows you to fulfill your duties as a Client as well as providing you with peace...
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Extreme Rainfall

The met office prepares to reveal whether 2012 was the wettest year on record in the UK. Their analysis indicates that the heavy rainfall we are experiencing is creating "an upward trend" and that this type of extreme rainfall is the normally the sort of downpour you would expect once in 100 days. This will have a long term effect in the construction industry as flooding will be a normal occurrence and we will have to consider the risks involved during works.  Additionally as homes flood more...
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What if you didn't notify the HSE about a notifiable project?

There is an interesting discussion on the HSE Construction Forum. With the lack of HSE 'to cover' all the works happening at the moment a query was raised that if you were undertaking a fairly low risk project and the works went over the threshold to make it a notifiable project but a CDM-C was not appointed what would the HSE do – even if the works completed without accident or injury? If there was a major accident then the situation is obvious and the Client would be prosecuted accordingly.
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CDM Lessons Learned from the Olympics

The HSE has published the results for their investigations (Project RR941) into the extent to which CDM helped or hindered the construction of London 2012 by reviewing how CDM duties were put into practice. Key messages and findings from the report include: Millions of hours of work can be undertaken and a project delivered in a tight timescale without compromising health and safety Early and on-going planning, coordination and Contractor involvement were crucial Health and safety benefits...
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Selfridges Partners With Altius To Improve Supply Chain Management

Selfridges & Co has appointed Altius Vendor Assessment to manage supplier pre-assessment, compliance and accreditation on behalf of the retail group. The Altius online vendor accreditation and management system takes a thorough evidence-based approach to checking the competences of suppliers – from health and safety compliance through to financial health, environmental performance, customer service and corporate social responsibility.  Martin Beck, Health and Safety Manager for Selfridges,...
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CDM Regulations re-write for 2014

The Safety & Health Practitioner reports that the CDM regulations will be re-drafted for reissue in 2014. Details will be presented to the HSE board in December 2012. However, the Executive indicated that the new Regulations are likely to be based more closely on the requirements of the EU Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directive. The Löfstedt report recommended that an ongoing review of CDM 2007 should consider a clearer expression of duties, a reduction in bureaucracy and suitable...
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TUC - Older 'Home' Workers

Around one in five workers over 55 regularly works from home, according to a TUC analysis of official figures published on Friday to mark National Work From Home Day, organised by Work Wise UK. The TUC analysis shows that the number of home workers has grown steadily during the past decade. For some time now technology has improved to the point that working from home is like 'working in the office'. Those of you who use the Ai Solutions Hosted Solution will already know that you can manage...
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What Lies Beneath the CDM Regulations

The Safety & Health Practitioner (SHP) has written an interesting article regarding the CDM2007 regulations. At a panel discussion at the Safety & Health Expo they agreed that Communication, cooperation and competency are fundamental to the successful application of the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations. This is our mantra at Ai Solutions and we have been advocating the benefits of the CDM regulations as far back as 1994. Our ToolKit CS™ CDM management system...
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Summary of Duties under CDM

As leaders in software to manage CDM and Asbestos the team here at Ai Solutions are often asked questions in regard to CDM. One of the most prevalent is "What are my duties under CDM2007?" The HSE has summarised these CDM related duties in a excellent table on their web site - HSE Summary of CDM duties If you would like further help of guidance please visit our web site on or call a member of the team on 01525 850080.
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Boost In Sales Versus Changes In Legislation

Barratt, the UK's largest homebuilder, saw its best spring selling season in five years as government moves to boost the market helped to raise prices and sales. Aided by government schemes that have helped to raise the prices of new houses, homebuilders have seen their sales rise. This is good news then within the industry? At the moment we are glad to hear this with the current financial climate spreading its doom and gloom. However, with the recent changes in the asbestos regulations and...
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Leeds Inviting Bids for Damaged Tunnel

Those of you in the northern area may be interested to hear that Leeds City Council are looking for a contractor to Carry out works to the A58 Woodhouse Tunnel. The tunnel is suffering from severe concrete damage and deterioration as a result of prolonged extensive chloride ingress from winter de-icing salts. If you need to have a system in place to support you in your CDM related endeavors you may be interested in CDM ToolKit CS™ as the tool to demonstrate your compliance to Leeds...
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New online service reduces the burden for Clients and CDM Coordinators

Official launch at Ecobuild - 20-22 March (Stand number S2742) A new online service has been launched to make life easier for clients and CDM Coordinators and to provide additional safeguards. The Collaborative Construction Compliance (CCC) service provides a single online system to manage CDM and asbestos management and compliance; contractor assessment and accreditation; waste planning and record documentation. It is designed to cut costs and reduce the burden placed on clients and CDM Coordinators.
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Expectations Soar in UK Construction Industry

According to a recent survey within the construction sector, Britain's construction companies are more optimistic about their prospects than they have been for eight months. At Ai Solutions we believe there are a lot of 'mixed messages' going around at the moment. Some areas, like the larger scale projects, seem to be commercially active; the large number of cranes on the skyline is proof of this. However could this be due to the fact they take so long to procure and implement? On the other hand...
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How Robust Is Your Health & Safety Assessment?

As reported in Health and Safety Practitioner, the number of directors and senior managers prosecuted under section 37 of The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA 1974) has risen by 400% in the last five years. This is according to unofficial figures released by the Health and Safety Executive in response to a freedom of information request. The figures, albeit not validated, show that 43 directors, senior managers and company secretaries were prosecuted under this key legislation in 2010/11...
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Stop Press: Environment Agency Update

Please find below an extract from a letter received by a client site from the Environment Agency. It appears that a survey is being conducted to determine waste levels from construction sites with Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) being used as the source of information. It is always possible that the Environment Agency will take further action if a plan is not compliant. We are currently undertaking a short study in your area to assess whether the information in Site Waste Management Plans...
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Chinese Firm Erect 30 Storey Building in 15 Days

A Chinese firm, the Broad Group, has built a 30 storey building in just 30 days without injuries to workers. Astounding! Their key to success was that all the key components were prefabricated off-site. The builders took just 46 hours to finish the main structural components and another 90 hours to finish the building enclosure. To view the time-lapse video see The Construction Enquirer.
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Quality and Safety pays through expert supplier assessment

SGP Property and Facilities Management is saving more than £100,000 per year and improving quality and safety standards through outsourcing its supplier assessment. The company, which last year managed more than £1 billion of property spend and £170 million of maintenance spend on behalf of its customers, partners with Altius Vendor Assessment ( to ensure contractors are fully assured. This minimises risk and liability for both SGP and its clients. By contracting...
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Waste Plan Solutions wins Small Business of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce that one of our partners, Waste Plan Solutions Limited, has won the prestigious 'Small Business of the Year Award' from the East Midlands Centre for constructing the Built Environment (emcbe). Waste Plan Solutions Ltd works in environmental consultancy within the construction industry and specialises in writing Site Waste Management Plans. The judges were looking for a company who could demonstrate a strong commitment to health and safety as well as improving management...
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Vendor Assesment: Altius

One of our new partners, Altius, has recently won the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) award for Innovation and Technology for their system Altius Vendor Assessment. They have been running for a number of years now and have a new and innovative approach to vendor assessment. At no cost to the Client the Altius Vendor Assessment system can provide all the vendor assessment needs along with direct requirements of the Client. As for the vendors (Contractors, CDM-C's etc.) it gives...
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Toughest Construction Job In The World?

One of our customers sent us an interesting link to maybe the toughest construction job going at the moment. Chinese workers have been tasked with building a 3ft-wide path made of wooden planks on the sheer cliff face of a mountain that is thousands of feet high. The Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province, where they are building the pathway, stands vertical at 90 degrees without any slopes or alcoves. We also saw this as a video news article - Construction cliff work 'not for the faint-hearted' -...
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HSE: Open Forums on CDM Regulations 2007

The HSE are running 8 free, open forums across Great Britain to get a broad range of views from large audiences on the extent to which the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) have met HSE's aims for the regulations which came into force in April 2007. Frontline has been commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to evaluate the impact of these regulations on the construction industry in Great Britain. If you wish to register to attend one of these forums...
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Paper - a Whymsical View

Watching the BBC News recently, I saw a family discussion about homework and how parents 'can no longer help their children' because they don't understand the teaching method now used for maths being taught to infants. A young girl, maybe a five year old, playing at a computer screen, stated whimsically that 'in the olden days, people used to work things out on paper'. Well, I can resonate with a number of issues there! In the not-so-olden-days, only some 16 years ago, I well remember presenting...
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Working together across London

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) defines Joined up Working as "the term to describe collaborative working across organisational boundaries to tackle shared issues&" and recognises that it is becoming increasingly common in the public sector where joint action and exchange of information is required to support the efficient conduct of public sector business. The HSE, in their Health and Safety of Great Britain Strategy consultation document, are seeking to improve Health and Safety performance...
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Cost Saving in Recessionary Times

There is no doubt that financially, we are all in for a rough time over the coming months. Expenditure will be questioned; income will be analysed. The state of the nation's health will be monitored as we go into 'intensive care'. Debate will abound; action will be scarce. Will we weather the storm? Will I have a job next month; sorry next week? Now there is a positive side to this scenario which hopefully will be less grim than the picture painted here for most of us. This is a time to take stock...
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Firm fined £25,000 after worker fell to death

RTAL Ltd of Purley, Surrey - which manufactures items such as handrails and security fencing - has been fined £25,000 and ordered to pay £5,000 costs after a man fell to his death because a protective guard rail had been removed. Andrew Taylor, aged 29, died on 24 January 2003 when he fell eight metres from a platform whilst installing a kiln. Managing director of the firm Terry Green was also handed a £2,500 fine and ordered to pay costs of £500, after charges were brought...
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Council fined over cherry picker accident

East Riding Council is facing a bill of more than £10,000 after pleading guilty to failing to ensure the safety of an employee at work. A cherry picker fell on a council worker, 51 year old Elena Tradewell, with the force of a 28-stone hammer because of serious errors in the council's health and safety procedure. The machine was being used by two untrained workers in Princess Mary Promenade on the South Foreshore on September 19, 2005. The foreshore workers, who were not employed for maintenance...
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Safety warning - fixed rail vertical fall arrest system

The HSE advises against using the HACA fixed rail vertical fall arrest system type 0529.7102 which has recently failed the BS test that represents the appropriate standard for this type of equipment. The device is typically used when climbing ladders or rungs attached to fixed structures. Further information is in the HSE website,
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Prison sentence expected for skylight manslaughter

A supervisor has been told that prison is inevitable when he appears for sentencing for manslaughter on 29 November. Paul Alker, 34, died in June, after falling through a skylight at a Wrexham store. Steven Smith, 36, from Rhostyllen, near Wrexham, admitted manslaughter, intending to pervert the course of justice and health and safety breaches. The charge stated that Smith failed to ensure Mr Alker had sufficient training, knowledge or experience to carry out work at dangerous heights, or to carry...
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Health & Safety File for the 21st Century

(Not a lever-arch file in sight) The promise of the paperless office has been making headlines for many years. The benefits of electronic storage have long been seen as a potential cost and time saving exercise, albeit not always easy to achieve. Bradford Metropolitan District Council has had the dream of an electronic Health & Safety File since the HSE's original Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 1994 came into being. Ai Solutions Ltd, suppliers of their ToolKit CDM software...
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CDM Early Day Motion

Conservative leader David Cameron yesterday did a u-turn on his opposition to regulations that could play a key role in improving health and safety in the construction industry. Mr Cameron had put forward an Early Day Motion calling for the Construction (Design Management) (CDM) Regulations 2007 to be annulled, something that Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) felt would be misguided. However, at the debate, Andrew Selous MP, who was speaking in favour of the motion, said that...
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HSE's explanatory memorandum

EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM TOTHE CONSTRUCTION (DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS 2007 NO. 320 Objectives CDM 2007, together with the supporting Approved Code of Practice (ACoP), have been developed in line with Better Regulation principles and aim to reduce construction accidents and ill health by: being flexible and accommodating the wide range of contractual arrangements to be found in the construction industry; emphasising the need...
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The ACoP is out!

The ACoP is out and available to purchase from HSE books for £15. So there are no more excuses, you now have all the information to prepare for CDM2007! Lets us hope they have enough printed in store for everyone as it's only 5 weeks until the regulations come into force.
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CDM2007 regulations are signed!

I can confirm that the revised regulations have now been signed by the Minister. It is perfectly normal for Regulations to form an appendix of the ACOP as those familiar with the 2001 ACOP will be aware. The Regulations can of course be sourced as a stand alone document. The ACOP has been approved by the HSC. There has been a very long and open consultation with the revision of these Regulations with full opportunity for all to express their views. I have no intention to grow a...
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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

The new CDM regulations come into effect in April. They are "the most radical change to construction health and safety legislation since 1994, the year when the existing CDM regulations came into effect," according to John Malins, associate at law firm Davies Arnold Cooper. The new regs make those with the greatest control and influence over a project, namely the project team, responsible for health and safety. They also introduce a new role of co-ordinator in place of the planning supervisor who...
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Health and Safety Commission go-ahead for revision of CDM & CHSW

I thought that you would like to know that HSC have agreed that we should proceed with the revision of the CDM and CHSW regs. The ambitious aim is to publish a consultative document next Spring. As far as possible I want to move forward by consensus, involving as many interested parties as possible. The high level objectives for the revision, agreed with CONIAC and endorsed by HSC, are to improve the management of risk by: simplifying the regulations to improve clarity and so making it easier...
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Slightly More Radical Rethinking Construction

As suggested in the HSE Discussion Document Revitalising Health and Safety in Construction. "To make a real difference in health and safety, we must identify and tackle all relevant factors. We need to think widely and not restrict our ideas to those traditionally perceived as health and safety issues." (DD para. 12) Over recent years, a great number of initiatives have focused in general on improving the industry and in particular its appalling health and safety record with very mixed results.
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Seeboard Power Networks Case Study

Ai Solutions have now completed the installation of a major software upgrade of their CDM ToolKit™ in one of the UK's premier regional power companies. Seeboard Power Networks maintain and upgrade the electricity network for the major part of the south east of England. The company decided some time ago that they needed to formalise their approach to the Health & Safety Executive's Construction (Design & Management) regulations. They wanted to ensure compliance throughout the group....
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Construction Industry Seminar Welcome Address

Welcome Good morning!! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our first Construction Industry Seminar! I recently read a quotation from a certain software provider who said: "Our biggest competitor is the status quo"; it took me a moment to work it out ... I don't believe they were talking about the aging pop group; simply 'indifference'. By coming here today, you have each demonstrated that you want to hear about change in the construction industry and I am sure you are not going to be disappointed...
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CDM ToolKit™ 2000 SR6

Ai Solutions Ltd release a new version of their CDM document management software. Installed throughout the UK, the audited management system can be easily tuned to the needs of any business. The new version includes substantial improvements to the on-board word processing functions, version control and keystone tasking for project management. The product is fully integrated with the project management web site. Projects can be published to the web and groups of external organisations can...
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CDM Seminar Welcome Address

Welcome to our CDM Seminar / User Forum. It is really good to see so many of our customers here, a high number of whom support each user forum we have. We are also pleased to welcome for the first time some non-customers. We have taken the decision to broaden the audience for this particular Forum, as we are very pleased to have a varied and distinguished group of speakers including Steven Taylor from the HSE. I hope you will enjoy what promises to be an interesting and informative agenda. The...
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Proposed Revisions to the ACoP for the CDM Regulations

The following transcript is reproduced with the permission of Stephen Wright who spoke at our User Forum 28th September 2000. Stephen is a policy section head at the HSE and is responsible for the consultative document regarding the proposed revisions to the ACoP for the CDM Regulations. Bringing Major Changes To The Construction Health And Safety Law Framework Some people have been ignoring their CDM responsibilities. Some have been producing mountains of paperwork without adding anything...
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User Forum Keynote Speech

The Keynote Speech delivered by Anne Marlow, Director, Ai Solutions Ltd; A very warm welcome to our user forum. We are delighted to see so many of our regular CDM ToolKit members, many of whom have been with us for a number of years. We are also pleased to welcome some new members. Our team is the same as always, David, Theo, Charles (the I.T. brains) and myself (the non I.T. brain) As always we want the day to be as relaxed, participative, and informal as possible. We hope that all our...
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New Internet Service for the CDM Community

Managing CDM will now be cheaper and easier than before with the launch of an Internet based 'pay-as-you-go' service. For as little as £1 per day project teams and clients can set up easily accessible documentation and keep up to date with the latest changes to a project. is a new e-commerce service launched by Ai Solutions, it is based on six years experience with their highly successful CDM ToolKit™ 2000, a PC based CDM document management system. enables clients,...
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"Mouchel, the major consulting engineering group, and Ai Solutions, developers of the CDM ToolKit™ 2000 software, have teamed together to provide a new e-commerce service for everyone involved in the HSE's Construction (Design & Management) Regulations. The new service will use a newly developed version of the CDM ToolKit™ currently installed throughout the UK with many local authorities, large corporates including Mouchel and other organisations providing planning supervisory services.
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CDM ToolKit™ 2000 Maintenance Manual

The latest edition to the CDM practitioner's armoury completes the document management cycle for any project. The Construction (Design & Management) 1994 regulations from the HSE oblige building project clients to provide a health & safety file. The file should determine the long-term safety management aspects of the completed site. The CDM ToolKit™ 2000 Maintenance Manual product facilitates the production of a combined Maintenance Manual and Health & Safety File. The Maintenance Manual...
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Market Leading CDM Software - New Release

Ai Solutions have now released their latest version of the CDM ToolKit™ 2000 software that helps construction industry professionals control and manage the HSE Construction (Design and Management) 1994 regulations. This latest release is the result of 5 years continuous development of the well-known market leader. In use throughout the United Kingdom with large Organisations including Seeboard Plc, many local authorities, consulting companies and smaller enterprises, the CDM ToolKit™ 2000...
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