Expectations Soar in UK Construction Industry

CraneAccording to a recent survey within the construction sector, Britain's construction companies are more optimistic about their prospects than they have been for eight months.

At Ai Solutions we believe there are a lot of 'mixed messages' going around at the moment. Some areas, like the larger scale projects, seem to be commercially active; the large number of cranes on the skyline is proof of this. However could this be due to the fact they take so long to procure and implement? On the other hand we have read that smaller projects, such as housing, seem to have slowed over the last few months. Either way, we still cant be sure which way things will go, we are still in a recession and the affects will be longer term.

For those in the 'Client Role' the issues are:-

  • Watching what you spend; many budgets being cut, careful consideration as to 'how' you distribute your budget.
  • Get the most out of your staff; many are being made redundant, will this impact the skill set of those left behind?
  • Provide the service required to the given standard; it is still expected but it is the toughest to provide in the current climate.
  • 'Optimise' your systems; much time is wasted on data duplication, why are you duplicating? What are you duplicating?

Ai Solutions can help you with all of these! With our ToolKit™ Compliance System we can save you money, optimise your data, and help you get the most out of your staff, while still allowing you to provide the service levels required.

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