New online service reduces the burden for Clients and CDM Coordinators

Official launch at Ecobuild - 20-22 March (Stand number S2742)

A new online service has been launched to make life easier for clients and CDM Coordinators and to provide additional safeguards.

The Collaborative Construction Compliance (CCC) service provides a single online system to manage CDM and asbestos management and compliance; contractor assessment and accreditation; waste planning and record documentation. It is designed to cut costs and reduce the burden placed on clients and CDM Coordinators.

The new service launches as new statistics are released showing that 6.71% of all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecutions were made under CDM regulations in 2011, up from 5.75% in 2010. The average fine for flouting CDM regulations was £7,219.00 in 2011, up from £4,300.00 in 2010.

The holistic CDM compliance solution has been developed in response to demand from construction clients who wish to focus on strategic CDM planning and management rather than being 'lost' in paperwork that can detract from performance.

"Clients and CDM Coordinators have a difficult role to perform in ensuring best practice in health and safety through the lifecycle of construction and maintenance projects and in liaising between all parties involved," said David Marlow, of Collaborative Construction Compliance.

He continued: "For some, this is an additional job role they undertake, so we believe there is a requirement for an online portal that captures all the data and management and reporting systems they require to fulfil their professional responsibilities without drowning under a mountain of paperwork. The prompts and procedures provided by the system reduce human error, providing an important safeguard in the critical task of robust CDM management."

CCC brings together specialist services provided by health and safety consultancy Ai Solutions, Altius Vendor Assessment, Waste Plan Solutions and Watson & Sole through one portal, which has a CDM compliance management software system as its backbone.

Ai Solutions' ToolKit CS™ CDM management software provides an integrated knowledge base, document templates and competency management capabilities to provide a fully audited solution for all projects, properties and structures.

In addition, CDM Coordinators can utilise the portal to verify and assure compliance of contractors using the Altius Vendor Assessment system, which is a free service to clients and main contractors.  This is a best-practice assessment process that is evidence based and includes Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP) CDM accreditation.

Other elements within the CCC service include the WastePlan tool from Waste Plan Solutions which supports clients through all the steps of developing and executing a best practice, Environment Agency compliant Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP).

In addition, Clients, CDM Coordinators, Facilities managers etc. can gain web access to the INTELI-SCAN system, from Watson & Sole. This provides an online building library, where documents can be stored, retrieved through a fully indexed search for live reporting, and easily updated.


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