Working together across London

Working together across LondonThe Office of Government Commerce (OGC) defines Joined up Working as "the term to describe collaborative working across organisational boundaries to tackle shared issues&" and recognises that it is becoming increasingly common in the public sector where joint action and exchange of information is required to support the efficient conduct of public sector business.

The HSE, in their Health and Safety of Great Britain Strategy consultation document, are seeking to improve Health and Safety performance nationally. They are asking what Local Authorities can do differently to help them achieve their goals.

The work that Ai Solutions is doing in partnership with Transport for London and many of the London Boroughs on CDM and related matters is to look at linking and interfacing with their various different databases e.g. asset management, IS systems, and fault management systems, thus making a significant contribution to helping HSE and OGC meet their objectives.

CDM ToolKit is to be the switchboard for all of this information and this marks an important step forward towards achieving the aim of Joined up Working across the London Boroughs.

There are tremendous advantages in inter-linking management systems and databases. Done via a central “switchboard”, this will bring consistent methods of working across teams and accessibility of data across large and complex organisations. ToolKit has been designed and developed to fit that model.

As well as the opportunity to save money through more efficient access to information, paperless communications and economies of scale, other organisations who subscribe to this initiative will also be able to access data, and share their own data electronically - with relevant permissions. This would be invaluable, particularly when either authority intends to carry out works in proximity of the other's assets, be it a “shared” road junction, bridge, signal installation or other highway structure.

Although it is early days, the potential for extending such data accessibility across London, via a central hub, is enormous and offers great benefits in savings of time and costs and not the least, in improved safety performance, the driver behind HSE's current Strategy.

Joined up Working envisages that Transport for London, the London Boroughs, the utilities and their contractors and consultants would have web-based access to the vast amount of health and safety information on the management systems and databases held by each other.

So; the OGC wants it, as do TfL and HSE and inevitably it will happen but not without the support of the other stakeholders and in particular the London Boroughs. Our work in London has reached an important landmark on the journey to “Joined up Working” and continues at a gathering pace. Now is the time to talk to us.

If you would like more information on how you can be involved with this initiative please call or email Fred Robinson at Ai Solutions.