Government Upload - Post Grenfell

We read an interesting report produced by Dame Judith Hackitt. It is a personal view on her part post the Grenfell report. The most interesting bits for us were her references to 'lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities' where she states 'there is ambiguity over where responsibility lies, exacerbated by a level of fragmentation within the industry, and precluding robust ownership of accountability'.

We would wholeheartedly agree with her on this, in particular the accountability. Despite there being regulations in force there are still those that believe they are beyond (or below) the law and therefore disregard the reasoning for regulations. Safe practices are ignored, corners are cut, pennies are saved but lives are put on the line. This is unacceptable and totally goes against safer working and better work practices.

Judith suggests a better regulatory framework, this is an interesting concept, with incentives to do things right and serious (enforced) penalties for those who do not comply. At Ai Solutions we watch with baited breath to see what comes of this as we believe this concept has the ability to change the way we manage CDM projects and gives those working within the construction industry an opportunity to make construction sites safer to work in.

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