Stop Press: Environment Agency Update

Waste Plan Solutions LtdPlease find below an extract from a letter received by a client site from the Environment Agency. It appears that a survey is being conducted to determine waste levels from construction sites with Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) being used as the source of information. It is always possible that the Environment Agency will take further action if a plan is not compliant.

We are currently undertaking a short study in your area to assess whether the information in Site Waste Management Plans can help us form a better picture of the lifecycle of waste.

We want to understand the type of waste you are producing, where are you sending it to and in what quantities. We would therefore like from you an up-to-date copy of your Site Waste Management Plan for the site named above.

I trust you will be willing to comply voluntarily with this request, but please note that provision of this information is a statutory duty under the Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008. The full Regulations are available from should you require them.

Your cooperation in this piece of work will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to receiving your plan. Please contact me in the meantime should you have any queries.

Environment Agency

If you are already a Waste Plan Solutions Ltd client, then you have nothing to worry about - simply forward any similar correspondence to WPS Ltd and they will liaise with the Environment Agency on your behalf and ensure that the relevant plan is brought up to date prior to sending the copy to them.

For your information the following is a summary of the SWMP regulations and your Duty Of Care responsibilities:

The Site Waste Management Plan Regulations (2008) require that a SWMP is prepared for construction projects over the value of £300,000, which includes a pre construction phase, a construction phase and a review phase.

Some key aspects of a SWMP include identifying waste minimisation opportunities, forecasting of predicated waste streams, duty of care management for all waste contractors and sub contractors, waste data collection from site and cost saving identification.

The SWMP Regulations encourage further enforcement of the Duty of Care Regulations, that require a waste producer to manage their waste responsibly. An audit trail of waste flows needs to be documented, checked and managed for all waste carriers and waste sites used.

If you have a SWMP that you would like checked, then simply contact requesting a Free SWMP Audit - their consultants will be happy to assist you.

If, having read the above Regulation information, you believe you should be implementing the use of Site Waste Management Plans, then please contact and they will advise you on your requirements and also talk to you about our most cost effective solution for your company and circumstances.

For further information please contact Waste Plan Solutions Ltd, 01604 859961 or via email on