CDM Lessons Learned from the Olympics

London 2012The HSE has published the results for their investigations (Project RR941) into the extent to which CDM helped or hindered the construction of London 2012 by reviewing how CDM duties were put into practice.

Key messages and findings from the report include:

  • Millions of hours of work can be undertaken and a project delivered in a tight timescale without compromising health and safety
  • Early and on-going planning, coordination and Contractor involvement were crucial
  • Health and safety benefits could be linked directly to CDM 2007
  • Business benefits could be linked directly to good health and safety performance and CDM 2007
  • CDM 2007 needs to be embedded in projects from the outset and associated with quality management to ensure that it is aligned with business practices

These are all things that many of our readers will not be suprised by, but it is good to see this large project being described from the CDM point of view.

For more more information and to download the full report, see