Launch of a new Health & Safety Game-Based Tool

We note that there is a new 'game based' Health and Safety Tool that has been launched by EEF (The Manufacturers Organisation). This innovative tool will help support training programmes within organisations as well as making them 'entertaining and interactive' for participants.

We believe that blended learning is the best way to ensure that your staff/employees get the most of their training. Making the training more interesting facilitates a better learning environment for learners and increases their absorption of information. As we are human beings we do not all learn in the same way, blended learning provides a better learning environment for everyone and is a more engaging environment. 

Using the new Game-Based tool is one way of making learning 'fun' and, as many of us are now IT literate, 'gaming' is a popular pastime for many. Using this tool learners are "rewarded for speed and accuracy of decision-making as they manage health and safety risks within a simulated work environment. Employers get insight into areas where further knowledge is needed and potential hot spots in the business and can track improvements in knowledge and awareness".

We also note that the tool can also be made bespoke to suit your business which means you can ensure the learner gets relevant health and safety training for their role or the hazards within the business. For more information visit Game-based learning: health and safety or see the video below.


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