HSE Overhaul of Approved Codes of Practice

HSEThe HSE appear to be following recommendations put forward by Professor Löfstedt in his review of health & safety legislation. Professor Löfstedt (who spoke at our Health and Safety Conference earlier this year) stated that Health and Safety legislation required a complete overhaul. Lord Young, in his 2010 report 'Common sense, common safety' (PDF), also suggested that reforms were needed.

The HSE has embarked on a huge consultation exercise aimed at revising, consolidating, or withdrawing 15 Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP) by the end of next year (2013). The AcOP were always more 'reader friendly' than the legislation they cover, so we hope that any replacements will keep this tradition. Additionally it is expected that there will be 'less room for interpretation' with the new standard.

So what will this mean to those of us on the ground - Will more simplicity mean less confusion? What are your thoughts?

To view all the relevant documentation, visit The deadline for comments is 14 September.

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