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RIDDOR Consultations Begin

The HSE has opened two separate consultations on proposals to exempt certain self-employed people from health and safety law and simplifying the RIDDOR reporting requirements. The proposal to relieve certain self-employed people of health and safety legal obligations addresses one of the most controversial aspects of Professor Löfstedt's review. Since launching his report in November last year, the professor and the HSE have been at pains to stress that the exemption will not extend to those...
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HSE Overhaul of Approved Codes of Practice

The HSE appear to be following recommendations put forward by Professor Löfstedt in his review of health & safety legislation. Professor Löfstedt (who spoke at our Health and Safety Conference earlier this year) stated that Health and Safety legislation required a complete overhaul. Lord Young, in his 2010 report 'Common sense, common safety' (PDF), also suggested that reforms were needed. The HSE has embarked on a huge consultation exercise aimed at revising, consolidating, or withdrawing...
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Progress on Health and Safety Reforms

Employment minister Chris Grayling has published a report on the progress regarding the implementation of the Government's health and safety reforms. In the report, he states that getting rid of regulations won't undermine the UK's good record on health and safety but will improve its bad record on red tape. Referrence is made to the progress so far on implementing the recommendations of both Professor Ragnar Löfstedt and Lord Young of Graffham in the wake of their recent reviews of the health...
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CDM Regulations re-write for 2014

The Safety & Health Practitioner reports that the CDM regulations will be re-drafted for reissue in 2014. Details will be presented to the HSE board in December 2012. However, the Executive indicated that the new Regulations are likely to be based more closely on the requirements of the EU Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directive. The Löfstedt report recommended that an ongoing review of CDM 2007 should consider a clearer expression of duties, a reduction in bureaucracy and suitable...
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Redundant Health & Safety Rules Thwart Growth - Minister Warns

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has stated that there is a straightforward choice between cutting unnecessary health and safety regulations or losing jobs to other countries. At the Enterprise Forum in London last week, the minister spoke about the Government's progress in reforming the UK's health and safety regime during a round-table discussion about the Löfstedt report. Ai Solutions had the pleasure of Professor Ragnar Löfstedt at our recent Health & Safety Conference. Ragnar...
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Government Vows To Restore Clarity To Health & Safety

We read an interesting article in SHP (Safety & Health Practitioner) regarding the governments' announcement of an immediate consultation on the abolition, consolidation and further review of large numbers of health and safety regulations and aims to remove the first rules from the statute books within a few months. The announcement follows the publication of Professor Ragnar Löfstedt's review of health and safety legislation and the Government's response. Professor Löfstedt (pictured)...
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