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Hierarchy of Risk Control for Designers

When designing projects with the avoidance of risk in mind the ACoP requires designers to apply the Hierarchy of Risk Control and the General Principles of Prevention. This is a series of steps to be followed when designing to eliminate and reduce risk by their design decisions, as follows: Consider whether it is possible to eliminate or control the hazard and the resulting risk by designing it out, i.e. design the roof with permanent safety rails. Next consider whether the...
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You Lie We Die?

Further to one of our recent posts regarding the HSE review of the current AcOP the SHP report that protests have challenged Employment Minister Chris Grayling. Their issues are that the government should be doing 'more' to strengthen regulations rather than cutting it. For more on this article see Protesters tell Government: you lie, we die
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HSE Overhaul of Approved Codes of Practice

The HSE appear to be following recommendations put forward by Professor Löfstedt in his review of health & safety legislation. Professor Löfstedt (who spoke at our Health and Safety Conference earlier this year) stated that Health and Safety legislation required a complete overhaul. Lord Young, in his 2010 report 'Common sense, common safety' (PDF), also suggested that reforms were needed. The HSE has embarked on a huge consultation exercise aimed at revising, consolidating, or withdrawing...
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HSE's explanatory memorandum

EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM TOTHE CONSTRUCTION (DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS 2007 NO. 320 Objectives CDM 2007, together with the supporting Approved Code of Practice (ACoP), have been developed in line with Better Regulation principles and aim to reduce construction accidents and ill health by: being flexible and accommodating the wide range of contractual arrangements to be found in the construction industry; emphasising the need...
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The ACoP is out!

The ACoP is out and available to purchase from HSE books for £15. So there are no more excuses, you now have all the information to prepare for CDM2007! Lets us hope they have enough printed in store for everyone as it's only 5 weeks until the regulations come into force.
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CDM2007 regulations are signed!

I can confirm that the revised regulations have now been signed by the Minister. It is perfectly normal for Regulations to form an appendix of the ACOP as those familiar with the 2001 ACOP will be aware. The Regulations can of course be sourced as a stand alone document. The ACOP has been approved by the HSC. There has been a very long and open consultation with the revision of these Regulations with full opportunity for all to express their views. I have no intention to grow a...
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Concerns over possible changes in the ACoP

We all know that CDM2007 is on the horizon nevertheless some of us have a few concerns over possible changes in the ACoP. A lot of people are beginning to put together training courses, power point presentations etc. on the basis that the material that was presented to the HSC and approved and accepted by the HSC is now written in stone. We need to know that what we are preparing and delivering is consistent and true to the guidelines. However, we now have reassurances from Andrew East at the HSE:- "The...
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