What if you didn't notify the HSE about a notifiable project?

ConstructionThere is an interesting discussion on the HSE Construction Forum.

With the lack of HSE 'to cover' all the works happening at the moment a query was raised that if you were undertaking a fairly low risk project and the works went over the threshold to make it a notifiable project but a CDM-C was not appointed what would the HSE do – even if the works completed without accident or injury?

If there was a major accident then the situation is obvious and the Client would be prosecuted accordingly. Nevertheless it was pointed out that there were probably many jobs that fitted into the 'no accident model' and the HSE would be completely unaware of what was happening. This is all true, however the regulations are there to ensure those working on constriction sites are safe and that those responsible are 'held to account' should the worse case happen. It has been an interesting discussion.

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