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Essential ToolKit

Our unique Hosted Subscription Service offers: No capital outlay Internet Access Always available to authorised users from anywhere in the world Always up to date Freedom from IT Constraints Software and Data on our secure server Automatic Updates /upgrades No demands on your IT department Ongoing Training and Support Including all aspects of : CDM & Asbestos Regulations Guidance documents for the organisation and management Procedure design and implementation ...
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Manage CDM Electronically Without Managing IT

Your focus is Health and Safety. You need to comply with CDM regulations and you want to ensure effective communication and project management. But you may not want to spend your time managing the IT required or taking your place in the queue for your organisation's IT resources. That's where hosted ToolKit CS™ comes in. ToolKit CS™ is a comprehensive and effective CDM management and compliance system, developed over the last fifteen years. We install, maintain and update the...
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Hosted Solution: May to Sep 2009 3:5 Promotion

Ai Solutions provide a hosted solution for their ToolKit Compliance System application software. This will allow users with internet access to run the application via Microsoft's standard Remote Desktop Connection software. ToolKit CS™ Enterprise Web users will be able to read data and upload files via a standard web browser (eg Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc). Provided users are running Microsoft Windows XP or above, our hosted solution can replace the need for locally...
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