Hosted Solution: May to Sep 2009 3:5 Promotion

Hosted Solution

Ai Solutions provide a hosted solution for their ToolKit Compliance System application software. This will allow users with internet access to run the application via Microsoft's standard Remote Desktop Connection software. ToolKit CS™ Enterprise Web users will be able to read data and upload files via a standard web browser (eg Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc).

Provided users are running Microsoft Windows XP or above, our hosted solution can replace the need for locally installed copies of ToolKit CS™ or a locally hosted SQL Server database / Web Server. The functionality of the applications provided from the hosted solutions are the same as those provided by our standard ToolKit CS™ release hosted locally.

Access to the application can be provided with different service level agreements. We will normally provide technical support during working hours as with the non-hosted solution. Application updates will be provided by Ai Solutions to the normal bi-annual schedule and applied without customer intervention.

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) continues to be Powernet based in Milton Keynes; Ai Solutions have some 14 years experience with them. The ISP provides a daily back up of client's databases which are maintained by Ai Solutions as part of the annual hosting fee. Ai Solutions maintain the hosted software and third party licensing fees required to service the ToolKit CS™ user community.

The combination of the externally hosted ToolKit CS™ application and the Enterprise Web option will allow significant benefits to all organisations.


The benefits of our Hosted Solution include:

  • Client databases will be hosted on the Company's servers via the intranet
  • The servers will be managed and controlled by Ai Solutions directly
  • Clients will simply need to supply a standard workstation or laptop with internet access
  • Ai Solutions will supply access to their standard CDM management software, including the Enterprise variant for third parties
  • Clients will be able to manage their own projects and structures on line whilst allowing their CDM-C, designers, contractors etc, to access the relevant information through the web as appropriate
  • Training and support is included in the package
  • The package is available on a three or five year basis

The package is available at an introductory rate until 30 Sep 2009 for 3 or 5 concurrent users. Terms and conditions apply. Please call 01525 850080 or visit for details.

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