Construction Industry and the new ISO9001:2015 standard

Guest Article from Ellen Willoughby,

All About QualityWe are now 9 months away from the ISO9001:2015 transition period to come to an end. Some external certification companies will stop auditing to the old 2008 standard much sooner than that. With this in mind, if you haven't already transitioned to the new standard, now is the time to plan it into your schedule for 2018. In the construction industry it is often a customer requirement to have ISO9001, so your certification must remain valid if you are to gain new customers and keep current ones.

The new 2015 standard is a big change structurally from the 2008 one. There are 7 auditable sections in the new standard:

  1. Context of the organisation
  2. Leadership
  3. Planning
  4. Support
  5. Operations
  6. Performance Evaluations
  7. Improvement

The diagram below shows these main 7 parts and what they include to give you a better idea of the structure of the new standard.

All About what ISO9001:2015 covers...

The great thing about the new standard is that if you also have environmental, health and safety, or other ISO standards, the structure will be the same for all new and revised standards moving forwards.  This means you can integrate them more easily, rather than having multiple documents and systems in place.

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