Happy New Year 2018

So as another New Year begins we have much to look forward to. Ai Solutions are very proud and excited to say that we have NEW products in the pipeline, so watch this space!

It's also good to hear from others that things have started to improve business-wise. We read with pleasure more and more about the positivity within the construction arena and we note that there are more new, high-end projects planned for 2018 which can only be good for all parties involved.  This includes the Clients, of course, but also Principal Designers, Principal Contractors, other designers / engineers and other specialist contractors. As ever we are here to support those who wish to ensure that they are compliant with the CDM 2015 regulations, with our cloud based CDM ToolKit Compliance System we are there to provide the right solutions for all construction parties.

It has taken time for things to start to improve from where the construction industry was a few short years ago. However things are looking buoyant within the industry for the next few years which is promising.  Investment in larger projects means that smaller organisations will also benefit in the longer term, long may this continue.

Our Asbestos Management Clients and Surveyors have also been very busy of late. Because of new development there has been an upward trend in demolition, this in turn means that pre-demolition surveys need to be carried out. Luckily our Asbestos Surveying Application has enabled them to be flexible in their approach to asbestos compliance. Additionally, the results of the surveys are immediately available to all parties, this is a big plus to those that need real time information to enable them to move quickly within their businesses.

We would like to remind our readers that Ai Solutions also provide training services as well as on-line support and guidance via our Safety Matters web site. You can post a question on one of the forums and have it answered by an expert. Along with this you can also gain access to our CDM and Asbestos Knowledgebase, why not take a look?

For Ai Solutions the future is looking very busy with new applications coming, and changes to the current suite, we have a very busy 2018 ahead! So, as we start 2018 together, the team at Ai Solutions would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and newsletter followers, a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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