Fire Testing May Lead to Prosecutions

Still in the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy we are seeing more councils, and other large landlords, carrying out fire safety tests their building portfolios. We note that up to 95 tower blocks in 26 local authorities have now failed tests on cladding. Although there were 95 tower blocks that failed tests a number are yet to be tested. It's looking like a huge issue for all concerned.

Police announced that the force was keeping open the option of issuing manslaughter, or other criminal charges, over the Grenfell fire after preliminary tests found that the cladding on the tower also failed safety tests. The police have also begun seizing material to be used as evidence.

The blaze that tore through the tower block in west London left up to 79 people dead and many seriously injured has provided us with a hard lesson. On a positive note the American firm, Arconic, who produced the cladding material used on Grenfell and other towers has stopped all sales of their product.


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