Construction Initiative 2014

The health of individuals on construction sites seems to be at the top of the agenda for the HSE's latest round of impromtu visits. Last year, more than 1,100 sites failed to come up to standard and makes the outcome of this years inspections even more interesting. 

From the 22nd September to the 17th October, Inspectors will be visiting sites where there is refurbishment or repair works underway. 

So, what are they are they looking for this time:

  • risks to health from exposure to dust such as silica are being controlled
  • workers are aware of where they may find asbestos, and what to do if they find it
  • other health risks, such as exposure to noise and vibration, manual handling, hazardous substances are being properly managed
  • jobs that involve working at height have been identified and properly planned to ensure that appropriate precautions, such as proper support of structures, are in place
  • equipment is correctly installed / assembled, inspected and maintained and used properly
  • sites are well organised, to avoid trips and falls, walkways and stairs are free from obstructions and welfare facilities are adequate

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