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QUALSURV - Latest News

QUALSURV Environmental Solutions (QES) has recently gained Certification of ISO/IEC 17025, enabling them to carry out air monitoring and 4 stage clearance. They have also recently moved into new premises enabling them to comfortably expand. Please click here to see the full [PDF] article
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Occupational Health and Safety - Past, Present and Future

Occupational Health and Safety is a recent development. Labour movements in the wake of the industrial revolution lead to workers being able to freely express their views and concerns about safe and healthy working practices. The first piece of legislation that created the first Health and Safety Inspectors (or then known as Factory Inspectors) was the Factories Act 1833. This initially focussed on children and had considerable power to change children's working environments. By 1871, the inspectors'...
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Glow in the Dark Pavements?

The Construction Enquirer continue to provide interesting articles. Check the following article out regarding glow in the dark pavements being trialled in Cambridge. Glow-in-the-dark pavements trialled in Cambridge
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Subbies use domestic vacuum to clean up asbestos

Grant Prior reports on how a North East glass firm has been fined after potentially exposing nearly 200 workers and visitors to dangerous asbestos fibres at its Consett premises. They used a domestic vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust and debris and later used it in several parts of the building as they put up the sensors, spreading asbestos fibres around the premises. Click here to read full article
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Callsafe Services Newsletter

Click the link below to read our partner's - Callsafe Services - latest newsletter. There is a section about the latest changes to RIDDOR and Events. Link:
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Health and Safety Crossword

ACROSS 1.  _________________ is central to the CDM Process (4 10) 3.  Control of Asbestos Regulations are a duty to manage and not to __________ (6) 5.  Notice that could be served on a business with unsafe working practices (11) 9.  It is responsible for more work-related deaths in the UK than anything else in the past three decades (8) 10.  16 is the minimum age to work on a _____________ site (12) DOWN 2.  Workers have a right to a safe working _____________...
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CDM Co-ordinator Profile - Matthew McVeigh

Matthew specialises in Health and Safety and has many years of expertise within the construction industry. He joined Plansafe Limited as a Health and Safety Consultant and went on to become a Director of the company in 2001. Matthew undertakes a vast array of differing work within the company. He has assisted Clients with the design and implementation of Health and Safety Management Systems for such diverse bodies as a local College, an NHS Trust, construction and engineering companies, the telecoms...
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Big Data and Management Software

Over the last couple of years 'Big Data' has become more important to understand and deal with. Many companies have been able to embrace the swell in information that needs analysing. Others, for whatever reason end up leaving the most valuable information at their disposal in the ether. Awareness is definitely one reason companies are not addressing the issue. Understanding the merits of analysing such data is one way of overcoming any fears or concerns of dipping into the soup of data. Despite...
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