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Ai Solutions ToolKit CS - The Cloud, Big Data, Big Benefits

There have been some tremendous improvements in the culture of software service provision for businesses in the UK over the past 6 years. Back in 2007 it felt like the bulk of our day-to-day computing work was carried out on the desktop, with the majority of the applications and utilities we needed being desktop based; a physical application was installed on the desktop and/or server in our office. The internet and service provisioning technologies offered an intriguing and tangible scalability...
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Asbestos In Schools

Professer Julian Peto (DSc FMedSci, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) recently submitted evidence to The Commons Select Committee - Education (25th March 2013) as part of the discussion regarding the mesothelioma risk (caused by asbestos) that still remains in many schools. The evidence is based on men and women (including some teachers) who have had some asbestos exposure. See Asbestos in Schools evidence submitted by Prof Julian Peto for more details.
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Managing for Health and Safety - Toolbox for all!

For those of you that would like guidance on 'how' to manage Health and Safety, the HSE has published a web site recently that may offer you some assistance. As we all know, all organisations have a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements. This site provides a framework to help you do that effectively, in a way that your organisation can tailor to your own circumstances. In implementing your arrangements, you should consult with your employees or their representatives, including trade unions...
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HSE UPDATE - Electricity at Work: Safe Working Practices

The HSE has recently published an updated version of Electricity at work: Safe working practices. The guidance covers the key elements to consider when devising safe working practices and is for people who carry out work on or near electrical equipment. It includes advice for managers and supervisors who control or influence the design, specification, selection, installation, commissioning, maintenance or operation of electrical equipment. This third edition updates the guidance and provides sources...
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Hospital faces £350,000 fine over Legionella incidents

The Safety & Heath Practitioner (SHE) reports that a large hospital trust is being fined £350,000 over two Legionella incidents. One of the incidents led to a patient fatality from contracting Legionella's Disease. On 3 September 2013 Chelmsford Crown Court heard that a legionella investigation by the HSE found the Trust had failed to monitor the hot and cold water systems adequately or ensure key parts of the system, such as shower heads and hoses, were kept clean. Legionella, like asbestos,...
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Be aware - be prepared!

Be aware! The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a month long initiative aimed at reducing death, injury and ill health in the construction industry. In particular Britain's building sites will be targeted with unannounced checks at sites where refurbishment projects or repair works are underway. HSE inspectors will visit construction sites to ensure high-risk activities, such as working at height, and work which could result in exposure to harmful dusts, are being properly managed.
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