Concerns over possible changes in the ACoP

We all know that CDM2007 is on the horizon nevertheless some of us have a few concerns over possible changes in the ACoP. A lot of people are beginning to put together training courses, power point presentations etc. on the basis that the material that was presented to the HSC and approved and accepted by the HSC is now written in stone. We need to know that what we are preparing and delivering is consistent and true to the guidelines.

However, we now have reassurances from Andrew East at the HSE:-

"The ACoP and REGS have been agreed by CONIAC and the Commission. The ACoP is being edited for publication now. There is no intention or scope to change the contents, however where there are errors in the drafting that create inconsistencies we would welcome being informed ASAP so they can be corrected."

So it's up to all of us to report any inconsistencies we notice to ensure that the final draft is as accurate as possible.

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