Clarification on Non-notifiable and Notifiable projects

Definition of notifiable and non-notifiable construction work, especially in regard to demolition.

Demolition is treated the same as all other construction work, notifiable only if the work lasts longer than 30 days or 500 person days of construction work. However regulation 29 requires a written plan to be prepared before work starts detailing the arrangements for all demolition.

A file is only required for notifiable jobs. Regulation 17[3] b refers to notifiable jobs and is therefore not applicable.

For projects where there is an existing file and some non notifiable work is done and there is information which would be of benefit to record it may be beneficial for the client to record that information.

It may help him in the future fulfil duties under regulation 10 but there is no explicit duty for him to do so.

To clarify another point Andrew states that:-

"The position is that for all jobs the Client has to give pre-construction information that includes the minimum amount of time before the construction phase can start to allow the contractor to plan and prepare for construction work. Regulation 10 [that time includes the time for the development of the construction phase plan for notifiable jobs]

For notifiable jobs the construction phase cannot start until the construction phase plan has been completed - regulation 16 which is a duty that falls to the client".

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