CDM2007 Regulations final approval

The final draft of the Regulations and ACOP have been submitted for approval to the October meeting of the HS Commission. Subject to approval the Regs will be launched in April 2007. With the finalising of the Regs and ACOP attention now turns to realising the benefits that this revision will bring. My team are looking at the operational implementation of CDM. This is an important period to ensure that the new messages from the regulations are understood. The revised regulations will require a major shift in attitude by some duty holders; especially where they have developed an unhelpful reliance on paper based systems, rather than actually focusing on reducing risk. We will all need to get involved next year to ensure that this message is clearly understood by duty holders.

To recap briefly the aims of the new regulations are to have the right people for the right job at the right time to reduce risk, reduce paperwork and encourage teamwork. The focus is on effective planning and reducing risk. Not the production of paperwork. We want CDM 2007 to deliver clear benefits, not just CDM 2004 business as usual.

This is an opportunity to draw a line under the previous debates of this group and to now look forward to the launch. I would like to thank members of this discussion group for their contributions. I am taking over as manager of this site and would welcome any constructive debate about the launch, and how the new messages about CDM can be effectively delivered.

I am attaching copies of the final draft ACOP and Regulation to the doucments page of this site, which have been submitted to the HS Commission.

Thank you Andrew East (HSE)