The Official Ai Solutions Blog - Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the official Ai Solutions Blog.

What we are going to talk about

Each of the teams here will be talking about the following topics on a regular basis.

  • News about new and updated Ai Solutions products
    (when new versions, updates, service packs etc. are released)
  • Tips for how to make better use of features within our products
  • Discussion of our current marketing activities
  • Appearances at conferences, exhibitions, etc
  • Often requested support issues
  • Success stories on how companies have profited using our products

How this affects the newsletter

This blog is an accompaniment to our monthly newsletter which is available on our website and distributed by email. We will include details of when the new edition is published in the blog, so if you would rather subscribe to the feed than the email you can do so.

If you have any comments about this post or suggestions for new posts, please Contact Us