Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics

HSE Mesothelioma Occupation StatisticsThe HSE has published a fact sheet on Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics. The fact sheet provides updated mesothelioma mortality statistics by last recorded occupation of the deceased within Great Britain from 2002-2010.

Mesothelioma is directly linked to those works that were exposed to Asbestos fibres while at work and it remains one of the biggest killers. If you want to make sure your workers are safe them you need to be managing your asbestos; at Ai Solutions we can assist you in this process as we provide state of the art software that allows you to manage your ACM's (Asbestos Containing Materials) easily and safely. Contact a member of the team on 01525 850080 for more information or visit our web site at

If you would like the (PDF) fact sheet then see HSE Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics for further information.