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Firms fined for asbestos exposure risk at scrap yard and naval training base

The HSE has published details of a recent case regarding asbestos. A number of workers and Royal Navy personnel were exposed to asbestos after pipes lined with the dangerous material were left on a roadside before being put in an open skip and transferred to a salvage yard, a court has heard. The pipes, lined with asbestos insulation, were removed from HMS Sultan naval training base in Gosport in September 2009 as part of works to replace a hot water system. The subsequent HSE investigation identified...
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Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics

The HSE has published a fact sheet on Mesothelioma Occupation Statistics. The fact sheet provides updated mesothelioma mortality statistics by last recorded occupation of the deceased within Great Britain from 2002-2010. Mesothelioma is directly linked to those works that were exposed to Asbestos fibres while at work and it remains one of the biggest killers. If you want to make sure your workers are safe them you need to be managing your asbestos; at Ai Solutions we can assist you in this process...
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Government Release 25M Funds to Remove Bottlenecks

We read in the Construction Enquirer that Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin has released the first £25m funding to enable the early delivery of improvements on the local highway Networks. This has come about due to the government plans to tackle bottlenecks to keep the country moving and our economy growing. For more on this article see First 10 pinch point road projects approved – List
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Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome guide

The TUC has issued a guide on 'Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome' (written by the NHS Health for Work Adviceline website) which explains how Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome can affect you and others at work. It explains the employer's responsibilities and outlines what help is available to employees. Visit Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome for more details.
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HSE Issue Guidance On Health Surveillance

The HSE has issued new guidance which it hopes will provide employers confidence that they are doing what they need to do to protect their workers' health. Health surveillance is needed where, even after all precautions are taken, there is still a risk that workers may be exposed to chemicals or other hazardous substances Visit for more details.
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The Health and Safety Toolbox - PPE Guidance

For those of you interested in PPE there is help and guidance in the health and safety toolbox. This gives easy, straightforward advice on the provision and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) at work; for more information visit  How to control risks at work: PPE on the HSE website. Some believe that PPE is taken to the extreme on some building sites however, PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. It can include items such as safety helmets,...
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New Chief of Construction for HSE Announced

The SHP reports that The HSE has announced today (8th March 2013), that its new chief inspector of construction is Heather Bryant. Ms Bryant takes over from current chief inspector Philip White, who leaves at the end of March after four years in the post. The HSE's chief inspector of construction heads a division of 260 specialist inspectors, policy officials and support staff.
Despite significant improvements in recent years, construction remains one of Britain's most dangerous industries...
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Construction - Problem child

An interesting article in the SHP online recently discussing the CDM Regulations. It is nearly 20 years since the regulations came into force and for some it has been a long and troublesome road. This SHP article looks at the issue of 'Competence and Pre-qualification'. Originally the CDM regulations were put in place to improve health and safety in the construction industry, with a particular focus on effective planning and risk management. A key element of this was that you should ensure those...
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The Real Cost of Fees for Intervention

We are beginning to see the results of the HSE's Fee For Intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme, which came into effect on 1 October 2012. Under The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012, those who break health and safety laws are liable for recovery of HSE's related costs, including inspection, investigation and taking enforcement action. For some this has been a costly introduction, not just the fees themselves but the damage to reputations and an increase in insurance costs. Additionally,...
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Newsletter - March 2013

The March 2013 edition of the Ai Solutions Newsletter is now available: March Newsletter.
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