Quality and Safety pays through expert supplier assessment

AltiusSGP Property and Facilities Management is saving more than £100,000 per year and improving quality and safety standards through outsourcing its supplier assessment.

The company, which last year managed more than £1 billion of property spend and £170 million of maintenance spend on behalf of its customers, partners with Altius Vendor Assessment ( to ensure contractors are fully assured. This minimises risk and liability for both SGP and its clients.

By contracting out this key service, SGP estimates that it is saving at least £100,000 per year on direct employees. The rigorous assessment procedures undertaken by Altius have also contributed to a £20,000 reduction in SGP's bill for professional indemnity and Employers' liability cover.

"While these cost and time savings are very welcome, the major benefit of using professional vendor assessment services is the peace of mind and protection it offers both us and our clients," said Peter Hall, Director of Risk Management for SGP and Deputy Chairman of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. "We are confident that every contractor we deal with has been through a transparent and robust assessment process, pertinent to the activities they may undertake, and that they are well equipped to provide the stringent, professional standards we require."

He continued: "Our accident rate has reduced since we have used the services of Altius, which speaks volumes for the value of robust supplier assessment. But it's not all about health and safety. Contractors are also assessed on their financial health, adequacy of insurance cover, and other competences, as required by individual clients. They can also choose to achieve elite vendor status by demonstrating excellence in areas such as customer service, quality management, environmental performance and corporate social responsibility."

The Altius service is free to client companies, with a small fee applied to contractors to cover the assessment process, and support in helping them gain compliance and to raise their performance. Membership offers contractors access to significant new business opportunities through Altius' client company network, including: Airbus, Arcadia Group, Punch Taverns, Wolseley, Selfridges, Superdrug, and other leading UK organisations.

In addition, the service also helps suppliers to ease the burden of tendering for work outside the Altius network, as they can share their online information to prove their credentials to other clients or assessment providers, often avoiding duplication in completing pre-qualification procedures twice. This is a two-way process as through its membership of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), Altius recognises other approved bodies' health and safety assessments.

The Altius Vendor Assessment system has recently won the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) Award for Innovation in Technology and Systems.

The BIFM judges recognised the Altius system's success in reducing the risk profile for the client while easing the burden on administration for contractors. They praised the high visibility of health and safety competence and financial health, together with the constructive feedback and support provided to suppliers to enable them to make improvements to meet stretching client requirements.

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