The Ai Solutions Compliance Approach

Our approach has become a holistic one with the provision of our Compliance System for the Construction Management and Design Regulations or the Asbestos at Work Regulations or both.

The Compliance System may or may not include our ToolKit CS™ computer systems software, hardware and the associated networking and external hosting; all are available from us as a single suppler but none are mandatory in the solution we provide.

Compliance Approach

Our aim is to allow you to develop your Compliance System to meet your needs and these will be unique to your business. We will analyse your current compliance arrangements including an audit of your current systems as appropriate. Taking best practice and current guidelines, we will map out a compliance process with you and your colleagues, guiding your, stream-lining, improving the throughput of documents, data and information. Where required this can include Prince2 type milestones and key performance indicators to ensure the organisation keeps on track with its objectives, whatever they are. In addition we will provide a jointly researched and written Compliance Guidance Document for your end users to keep you on track. The document will need to be underwritten by your senior managers and presented so that it can be followed with ease to ensure compliance.

To facilitate the process, we include Pre-Analysis consultancy where we work with key users to scope out the requirements of your compliance system. This may include training of your users in the regulations, in the processes required, creation of the Compliance Guidance Document, process definition and so forth. Most organisations will be looking for cost savings in addition to improved risk assessment and accident reduction. We bring our own experience to bear in these important areas with experience from our customer portfolio and our own award winning users who have trod the same route over many years. 'Joined Up Working', paper saving, time saving each have a part to play in this regard and we look forward to being surprised if we cannot find savings in your organisation which are easily achievable. 'Investing to Save' needs to be explored, costed and presented so that you and our management team are aware of the goals that can, with our help, be achieved. Once approved by you, we can then create a requirements analysis where the whole process is defined in detail. We use the model below (Consultancy, Technology, and Training & Auditing) to define the client's needs and then map out what is needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Our technical team will then provide a detailed specification of our agreed solution, including our flagship ToolKit CS™ hosted software where that is required, with an implementation plan that ensures your system supports your organisation in the most appropriate way.

Our overall aim remains focussed on providing the best possible customer service, for which we have an excellent track record over many years, so that your investment with us saves you not only substantial costs over time, but saves lives & accidents as well.

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