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Building a Safer Future

As our readers know we have, for many years, been stating that ensuring compliance means safer construction sites. The regulations are there to protect all parties and following them means you can ensure that you have done everything in your power to comply with the law. ToolKit CS is the leader in CDM compliance software and it has a proven track record, just ask the many users. Many organisations believe that they can demonstrate compliance, but can they? What if you have multiple sites and/or...
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Cost of Compliance Less than the Fines

We read recently in SHP that health and safety fines last year outstripped the cost of compliance. This is scary stuff. Health and safety breaches cost on average £115,440 which is a lot less than spending time making sure that you are compliant with relevant legislation. The larger the organisation the higher the fine, as can be seen by the Arnite graphic above. So, how can you save money? Contact Ai Solutions Limited for all your CDM and Asbestos compliance systems. We are experts in this...
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The Ai Solutions Compliance Approach

Our approach has become a holistic one with the provision of our Compliance System for the Construction Management and Design Regulations or the Asbestos at Work Regulations or both. The Compliance System may or may not include our ToolKit CS™ computer systems software, hardware and the associated networking and external hosting; all are available from us as a single suppler but none are mandatory in the solution we provide. Our aim is to allow you to develop your Compliance System to meet...
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