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Free Accident & Investigation Guide

A very useful free guide has been published by SHP to help you through what is needed for accident and investigations. Remember that thorough accident investigation should identify all immediate, underlying and root causes, thereby providing a foundation for developing control measures to eliminate these causes. This should result in a continual improvement in health and safety management. The guide covers the following: Why investigate accidents? The Immediate, Underlying and Root Causes of...
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PPE Regulation Changes - Are you Prepared?

We read recently that the two year transition period for the PPE regulations is not too far off. These new EU regulations will replace the current directive on 21st April 2018. Time to start your reviews of current PPE. PPE manufacturers will have to recertify their products to retain the CE classification within the European free trade association states. So how will this affect construction workers and employers? Obviously, at the moment, there won't be much change. However once the new legislation...
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Cost of Compliance Less than the Fines

We read recently in SHP that health and safety fines last year outstripped the cost of compliance. This is scary stuff. Health and safety breaches cost on average £115,440 which is a lot less than spending time making sure that you are compliant with relevant legislation. The larger the organisation the higher the fine, as can be seen by the Arnite graphic above. So, how can you save money? Contact Ai Solutions Limited for all your CDM and Asbestos compliance systems. We are experts in this...
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Construction - Problem child

An interesting article in the SHP online recently discussing the CDM Regulations. It is nearly 20 years since the regulations came into force and for some it has been a long and troublesome road. This SHP article looks at the issue of 'Competence and Pre-qualification'. Originally the CDM regulations were put in place to improve health and safety in the construction industry, with a particular focus on effective planning and risk management. A key element of this was that you should ensure those...
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Most Fatalities Happen In Uninspected Sectors

Professor Rory O'Neill, a researcher at the University of Stirling, made several Freedom of Information requests and analysed more than 20 HSE reports to map fatality statistics against a list of sectors excluded from proactive inspections. The professor stated that there are now at least 37 "sectors without inspectors", including agriculture, quarries, plastics, electricity generation and supply, and other industries acknowledged by the HSE to be "higher risk". The professor believes that the government...
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IOSH Want H & S Framework Simplified & Strengthened

IOSH have stated that current health and safety legislation and approved codes of practice have contributed "immeasurably" to the protection of works in the UK. Although IOSH support the drive to streamline and simplify the raft of health and safety regulations they say that this process must not involved a slide in standards. These comments were delivered as part of a submission to the HSE, which is compiling a report for the Government. To read more then see SHP News
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CDM Regulations re-write for 2014

The Safety & Health Practitioner reports that the CDM regulations will be re-drafted for reissue in 2014. Details will be presented to the HSE board in December 2012. However, the Executive indicated that the new Regulations are likely to be based more closely on the requirements of the EU Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directive. The Löfstedt report recommended that an ongoing review of CDM 2007 should consider a clearer expression of duties, a reduction in bureaucracy and suitable...
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What Lies Beneath the CDM Regulations

The Safety & Health Practitioner (SHP) has written an interesting article regarding the CDM2007 regulations. At a panel discussion at the Safety & Health Expo they agreed that Communication, cooperation and competency are fundamental to the successful application of the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations. This is our mantra at Ai Solutions and we have been advocating the benefits of the CDM regulations as far back as 1994. Our ToolKit CS™ CDM management system...
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