Redundant Health & Safety Rules Thwart Growth - Minister Warns

Chris GraylingEmployment Minister Chris Grayling has stated that there is a straightforward choice between cutting unnecessary health and safety regulations or losing jobs to other countries.

At the Enterprise Forum in London last week, the minister spoke about the Government's progress in reforming the UK's health and safety regime during a round-table discussion about the Löfstedt report.

Ai Solutions had the pleasure of Professor Ragnar Löfstedt at our recent Health & Safety Conference. Ragnar has the ear of the government and has been very proactive with his risk-based approach making various recommendations for improvements in Health & Safety legislation.

Mr. Grayling went on to say "We know that work-related accidents and ill health cost our businesses nearly £8bn a year. To that effect, we'd like to see the Government recognising that pragmatic, proportionate health and safety actually saves money and livelihoods, by reducing lost time, cutting costly legal bills and improving efficiency, instead of using it as a scapegoat.

"It's not legislation itself, but the interpretation of those rules that is often misplaced. The streamlining of regulations will help bosses understand what's required of them."

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