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Housing Crisis

We are still seeing a lot of news regarding the housing crisis. It is hoped that now the new housing minister, Alok Sharma, is on board things will start to improve. The construction industry will all be keen to see what progress the government will make in regard to its white paper, which was published earlier this year. The white paper was part of a plan to 'fix' the UK's broken housing market and it sets out reforms to boost the supply of new homes in the England. However, our new government...
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Fall In Affordable Housing

We understand that the shadow Labour's Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey has slammed the Government's performance on housing after the latest affordable housing figures demonstrated a decline in delivery. The recently publicized figures show a progressive decline in the delivery of affordable housing over sequential years. Is this a sign of the times? Obviously we are still in the throws of a recession and this is just another symptom of, what is continuing to be, a decline in construction in...
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Housebuilding Getting a 'Push' From Govenment

We understand that the government is going to help new home buyers get on that first rung of the ladder in the housing market. This is an interesting objective. House building has slowed considerably over the last two years as can be demonstarted from the lack of activity around building sites all over the conuntry. This new objective will hopefully start the wheels turning and pump some much needed funding into housing development. For those of you interested in more informtion on this go to Affordable...
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