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Alan Turing's Centenary Year Draws To A Close

Those who share our interest in Bletchley Park may be interested to know that 2012 was the celebration of the work of Alan Turing. He has become a household name, associated with the amazing achievements of his life and the tragedy of his early death. Although Alan Turing received the OBE for his wartime achievements, he died tragically in 1954 at the age of 41. This year he would have been 100 years old. His centenary year has prompted an unprecedented celebration of his life, drawing ever more...
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Coding Hero Makes His Stamp

Alan Turing, the famous World War II code breaker, is to be commemorated on a new stamp issued by the Royal Mail. The stamp will be officially released on February 24 and will be one of 10 designs remembering famous historical figures. The Turing stamp is especially fitting as 2012 marks what would have been Alan Turing's 100th birthday year. Turing is one of our more famous local heros, based at Blethcley Park, he designed the Bombe machine and the Enigma machine which both played a huge part...
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Google Donate to Bletchley Park

Our readers will know that, being local, we are very interested in Bletchley Park and have held our Annual Conference there in previous years. We support our local heritage and are proud of the achievements of Alan Turing and the code breakers who helped shorten the Second World War. We are delighted to tell you that internet giant Google has donated £550,000 towards Bletchley Park's plans to create a world-class heritage and education centre. The grant will also enable The Bletchley Park...
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Bletchley Park: Codebreaking Conference

Many of our customers will recognise Bletchley Park as a venue we have used for our annual conferences in previous years. For those of you that are interested on Saturday 12 November 2011 there is a code-breaking, cryptography and programming Conference being held at Bletchley Park with all proceeds to the Bletchley Park Trust and The National Museum of Computing. The Bletchley Park Trust is delighted to announce that the keynote speaker for the Annual ACCU Conference 2011 will be prestigious 2006...
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